“I am a witness to what he did to Tagbo” – Dammy Krane alleges following cease and desist order from Davido’s lawyer

Nigerian singer Dammy Krane has reacted following a cease and desist order he received from music star, Davido’s lawyer.

In the letter, Davido’s lawyer, Chikaosolu Ojukwu, SAN, had given Dammy Krane 24 hours to retract all offensive publications against Davido on his social media handles.

He was also asked to refrain from further publication of defamatory statements against Davido on any platform or risk facing legal actions.

Unbothered with the lawsuit, Dammy Krane alleged that he was a witness to what Davido did to late Tagbo, who was his friend.

In a since-deleted tweet, he wrote, “BTW @policeNG I’m a witness to what Davido did to Tagbo. No peace for the wicked. Justice for Tagbo”.

In another tweet, he threw a shade at Davido’s lawyer after a Twitter user noted how the singer’s lawyer sued his babymama, Sophia Momodu a day back and bow was threatening legal action against Dammy Krane. Reacting, Dammy noted how the lawyer was only trying to collect money from Davido and show he is working.

“Lawyer wey just wa collect money to dey shout “I put it to you”. E don dey push Davido go where e no know”.

Dammy Krane reacts following cease and desist order from Davido's lawyer
Dammy Krane reacts following cease and desist order from Davido's lawyerDammy Krane reacts following cease and desist order from Davido's lawyer

The lawsuit came hours after Dammy had called Davido murderer while reacting to his upcoming nuptial. He claimed that Davido is only getting married because Chioma caught him cheating.

Some months back, Dammy claimed that the music star is always using his billionaire status and wealth to cover up his evil deeds and alleged that Davido told the late Tagbo, who was one of his crew to drink 40 shots of Tequila on his 40th birthday and abandoned him in the car till he died.

Recall that for years now, Davido and Dammy Krane have been at loggerheads after the latter accused him of owing him money. In response, Davido highlighted his support for Dammy Krane in the past, including providing him with accommodation when he needed it. However, Dammy Krane maintained that this support does not negate the financial debt owed to him.

This disagreement has escalated over time, with Dammy Krane repeatedly calling out Davido on social media, accusing him of being a habitual debtor. He had even claimed that the singer almost tried killing him as he recounted his harrowing near-fatal incident at a Lagos nightclub club late last year.

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