Ijaw Youth Council Warns Against Political Chaos in Rivers State

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide, has issued a stern warning to politicians attempting to use Rivers youths as pawns to perpetrate crime in the face of the political imbroglio in the state.

The council’s spokesman, Bedford Berefa, declared that such a plan would not be tolerated, emphasising that no political ambition of any politician is worth the blood of any youth’s life.

On the crisis that has plagued the state recently, the IYC urged the chairmen whose tenures have expired to keep applying restraint and not do anything that thwarts the peace of the state.

The council cautioned that those causing turmoil in the State are not doing so in the best interests of the people in the state, saying it may deter investors and hamper the state’s progress.

Berefa advised youths against being used by politicians to instigate violence, reminding them that Rivers State is their only home.

The IYC encouraged its members to remain calm, citing the adage, “The man who is winning does not go about throwing bottles.” The council’s statement aims to promote peace and stability in Rivers State amidst political tensions.

He urged Gov. Fubara to Convene an Emergency Meeting with Ethnic Youth Leaders to Preserve Peace in the State, explaining that the aim is to foster unity and prevent the sacrifice of peace in Rivers State for political gain.

He emphasised that the IYC will not tolerate any actions that might jeopardise the hard-earned peace in the state, stressing the need for collective efforts to maintain harmony among all ethnic groups.

The meeting, according to Berefa, is crucial in addressing potential flashpoints and ensuring that the state’s peace is not compromised by political manoeuvring

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