”I’ll be catching up with him in a couple of years” – Former YBNL signee Temmie Ovwasa declares financial warfare against Olamide

Former YBNL signee Temmie Ovwasa has declared financial warfare against Olamide, all because a netizen had taunted her using his name.

Teamie Ovwasa got heated up and flared at the netizen, stating that in a couple of years, she would be richer than Olamide.

If you aren’t familiar with the history between Temmie Ovwasa and Olamide, then you’re here for a ride.

It is no secret that Temmie Ovwasa and Olamide haven’t been on the best of terms, ever since she left his music record label, YBNL.

After Temmie Ovwasa left YBNL, she went on a full rant, calling out Olamide for ending her career, and promoting other artists.

Temmie Ovwasa’s ire was also directed at Olamide’s wife, as she claimed that she had turned her into an errand girl while she was staying in Olamide’s house.

Around the same time, Temmie Ovwasa called out Pheekz for hoarding her songs and refusing to produce them.

Temmie Ovwasa also accused her own mother of staying silent when her stepfather se*ua*ly abused her.

When there were rumors that Olamide had also abused her, Temmie Ovwasa came to his defense and denied the rumors. However, this didn’t stop her from dragging him continuously.

Also, Temmie Ovwasa has often publicly declared her hatred for men, clearly stating that she would never sleep with a man.

Religion also came to play in one of Temmie Ovwasa’s rants, when she said she doesn’t believe in Christianity, but in traditional practices.

She said that she would rather go to hell than stay in heaven with Christians when the time comes.

Temmie Ovwas has led a very interesting life, from being the only and first female musician in YBNL, to beefing her record label boss.

Her music career also took a nose dive, with the singer going underground alongside her singing and doing the same.

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