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I'm Very Concerned About Brad Pitt's New $300 Million Movie Despite Exciting Release Update


  • Brad Pitt’s F1 movie secures a theatrical release, promising an immersive experience for fans of racing and action films.
  • The film faced challenges with delays and finding a distributor, but the announcement of an IMAX premiere on June 27, 2025, is exciting.
  • Despite a hefty $300 million budget, the F1 movie’s potential as a cinematic experience may help it succeed at the box office.

After countless delays, Brad Pitt‘s Formula 1 racing movie is finally moving forward, but I’m concerned that a firm release date doesn’t save the film from its biggest problem. Though it currently has no title, the upcoming Brad Pitt movie is already a highly anticipated release. With Joseph Kosinski of Top Gun: Maverick fame directing, and Brad Pitt as the lead, the movie is sure to be an action-packed thrill ride. It is now confirmed that the film is set to premiere on June 27, 2025, giving some sort of clear release timeline. However, while I’m definitely excited about the project, I’m equally nervous about its prospects.

Not only has Pitt’s F1 movie finally got its release date, but it was also confirmed that the film would get a theatrical premiere. After it took so long for the film to find a distributor, Apple and Warner Brothers worked together to get Brad Pitt’s movie released in summer 2025. Notably, the film’s theatrical premiere also includes IMAX screenings. Considering the project was filmed during real F1 races, I couldn’t be more excited about getting the full Formula 1 experience in an IMAX theater. However, as exciting as this prospect is, one major obstacle remains unaddressed.


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Brad Pitt’s F1 Movie Getting A Theatrical Release Is Great For The Movie

The F1 Movie Could Be An Experience

The news of the F1 movie’s theatrical release is awesome because it easily could not have happened. For a time, I was nervous the movie would get stuck indefinitely. The SAG-AFTRA strike in May 2023 delayed filming as it did with countless other big projects in Hollywood. Then, the film had a hard time finding a distributor. Like previous Apple movie releases, the movie needed another company to give it a theatrical premiere. Luckily, the stars ended up aligning for Brad Pitt’s film, and now it is actually happening.

Killers of the Flower Moon
are other Apple movies that needed a second distributor so that they could enjoy a theatrical release.

Another major reason why the F1 movie needs a theatrical release is because it has the potential to be a true movie-going experience. Though I believe movies are always better on the big screen, it is especially true for this particular film. With much of the film centering on intense racing scenes, it will be a huge difference to see the movie on a big screen versus at home. Plus, IMAX will make the watching experience even more epic. Putting the F1 movie in theaters makes audiences want to get the true F1 experience even more.

Why Brad Pitt’s F1 Movie Is Concerning (& Why There’s Hope)

The F1 Movie Has An Outstanding Budget

Brad Pitt's character looks concerned in Wolfs trailer 2024

Despite the benefits of a theatrical release, I know the F1 movie still has a massive hurdle to overcome: its budget. Reportedly, the movie has accrued an astonishing $300 million budget. This will not be an easy number to surpass, much less break even with. Though I love going to the movies, theaters are seeing a major decline in audiences. Plus, non-franchise films have a harder time. In this way, the F1 movie’s $300 million budget means its box office may struggle.

If the F1 movie can capitalize on the fact that it’s an experience, then I believe there’s a chance that the movie can truly succeed.

There is one bright side though. Many of the movies that have been able to become box office hits are those that are considered experiences. Take the Barbenheimer phenomenon, for example. Both movies succeeded because they created a fun double feature aspect to going to the movies. If the F1 movie can capitalize on the fact that it’s an experience, then I believe there’s a chance that the movie can truly succeed. With big names like Brad Pitt, and a cool concept, the mysterious F1 movie may yet be a big hit.

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