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It's Not Too Late For Matt Damon & Jeremy Renner's Bourne Crossover Movie


  • Bourne 6 is in development with Matt Damon expected to return, potentially setting up a Bourne/Cross team-up.
  • The sixth Bourne film is the perfect opportunity to feature a crossover between Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross.
  • The upcoming sequel is the best way to reinvigorate the franchise with Jeremy Renner’s involvement.

The Jason Bourne franchise lives to see another day with the development of a sixth movie eight years after the last one, meaning that the dream of seeing Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne and Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross team up on the big screen is becoming a real possibility. The action thriller film series is based on author Robert Ludlum’s works revolving around the character of Jason Bourne, which, of course, revolves around Bourne, a former CIA assassin with dissociative amnesia. Meanwhile, Cross was introduced in the fourth Bourne movie as an original character in the franchise.

The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Supremacy
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The Bourne Legacy
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Damon starred as the eponymous character in the first three installments of the Bourne Franchise, and Renner made his debut as Cross in The Bourne Legacy without Damon. The fourth Bourne moviedidn’t feature Damon as Bourne because he wasn’t keen to return to the series without the involvement of Paul Greengrass, who directed the second and third films. However, Damon reprised his role in the fifth installment, Jason Bourne, which Greengrass directed, while Renner was unavailable due to scheduling conflicts. Plus, Greengrass wanted the 2016 action thriller to focus solely on Bourne.

Bourne 6 Is The Perfect Time To Do A Matt Damon & Jeremy Renner Crossover Movie

Matt Damon Is Expected To Return In Bourne 6

Although Jason Bourne appeared to be Jason Bourne’s last outing, a sixth installment in the Bourne movie series is now in development. Edward Berger, who previously helmed All Quiet on the Western Front, is set to direct, while Matt Damon is seemingly breaking his rule for Jason Bourne 6 by returning, even though Paul Greengrass isn’t. Damon’s involvement isn’t official yet, but all signs point to him playing his iconic character in the next sequel. On the other hand, no reports suggest that Jeremy Renner will appear, despite the fact that it’s the perfect time for a Bourne/Cross crossover.

Jason Bourne Movies

Release Date

The Bourne Identity

June 14, 2002

The Bourne Supremacy

July 23, 2004

The Bourne Ultimatum

August 3, 2007

The Bourne Legacy

August 10, 2012

Jason Bourne

July 29, 2016

Untitled sixth Jason Bourne movie


It has been seven years since Jason Bourne premiered, and the best way to build hype for the sixth film is to get Renner to sign on to reprise his role as Aaron Cross. Of course, Damon’s return is exciting in and of itself and enough of a draw. But given that many have wanted to see a Bourne and Cross team up for a long time, Renner’s appearance would push the upcoming sequel over the edge. Plus, both Damon and Renner are capable of portraying their respective characters (perhaps with more stunt doubles this time).


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Surprisingly, none of the movies in the $1.6 billion Bourne franchise have ever broken one big box office record for leading star Matt Damon.

Jason Bourne & Aaron Cross’ Team-Up Is The Franchise’s Chance To Go Bigger

The Bourne Franchise Needs A Revamp

Composite image of Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner in the Bourne franchise

After five movies (and a large time gap between the fifth and sixth one), it’s easy for a film franchise to get repetitive and boring. So, the producers of Jason Bourne 6 could and should reinvigorate the series by bringing Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross together on the big screen for the first time. Jeremy Renner’s Jason Bourne sequel idea of a Bourne/Cross team-up was never realized (even though it was discussed), but the next installment in the franchise could finally bring it to life and satisfy many.

Jason Bourne Franchise Poster

Jason Bourne

The Bourne Franchise is an action-thriller series conceived initially by Robert Ludlum in the Bourne novel series. The film adaptations began with The Bourne Identity in 2002 with Matt Damon starring as Jason Bourne, a man who, after regaining his memories, learns that he was a top CIA assassin, with his former employer trying to kill him to tie up loose ends. The mantle eventually was briefly handed over to a new protagonist, Aaron Cross, portrayed by Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy. A television show titled Treadstone was created to tell the story of the titular agency behind the program but was canceled after one season.

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