Iyabo Ojo’s boyfriend, PaulO slams VeryDarkMan for ‘disrespecting’ actress

Influential talent manager Paul Okoye, aka Paul O has slammed social media critic, VeryDarkMan, for ‘disrespecting’ his lover cum Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo. (TNG) reports that VDM via Instagram on Wednesday claimed that Iyabo Ojo was not invited to the main wedding of Afrobeat star, Davido and his wife, Chioma.

VDM accused Iyabo of misrepresenting her arrival time, suggesting she deliberately left her house at 4:30 pm to make it to the 5 pm after-party.

He asserted that those invited to the main wedding were present by 10 am and received their invites in a ‘carton.’ He further challenged Iyabo to post pictures with Davido in his red wedding attire to prove her attendance at the main event.

Reacting via the comment section of a blog post, Paulo claimed that VDM is cursed and it is unfortunate that he has to live in such a condition for the rest of his life.

He noted that Iyabo Ojo is old enough to be his mother and should respect her.

He wrote, “Pray for this Guy!!!! Person Wey Swear for this Guy Don Die## 😭😭 Is a pity he just has to live in this condition for the rest of his miserable Life !!! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ You come for a wedding to check which invite someone have??? Is that not sickness ??? I believe you see iyabo in your dreams every night and day 😌 if you say you love your mum? I believe your mum and iyabo maybe in same age !!! Respect that”

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