Jack Doherty Accuses N3on of Viewbotting After Kick Suspension Lifted

Controversial internet personality Jack Doherty, recently unbanned on the livestreaming platform Kick, has ignited further controversy by making serious allegations against fellow streamer Ragnesh “N3on”. The allegations come amidst an ongoing feud that has garnered significant attention, particularly after a physical altercation between the two during an IRL stream on June 22, 2024. Following the fight, both of their channels were suspended on the Stake-backed platform.

Five days post-suspension, Jack Doherty returned to livestreaming, utilizing his platform to accuse N3on of using viewbots to inflate his viewership numbers. He claimed that N3on’s channel employs “50,000 viewbots” during each broadcast. Jack Doherty explained, “…His old manager, Kayn, I know he fking hates him. He tells me everything. I know everything about that motherfker! He has 50k viewbots, so anything he has over 50k (viewers) is what he actually has. So, if he has ’55k actual views,’ right? That means he has 5k live viewers. Like bro, you’re not that guy with f**king 5k live viewers.”

Jack Doherty continued his tirade by mocking N3on’s actual engagement levels. He asserted, “Like, ‘Oh my god! I’m so proud of you!’ 5,000 people giving a s**t about you. Like, no! They don’t. No one cares!” Further emphasizing his point, Doherty referenced a recent livestream where N3on purportedly had 100,000 concurrent viewers. According to Doherty, only “8,000” of those viewers were genuine: “And then yesterday, 100k viewbots. I think he had 108k viewers live. So, he had only 8,000 live viewers. So yeah, it’s very far off. That means what? 92% of his views are bots. It’s amazing! Good for you!”

The ongoing feud took a physical turn during their IRL stream, culminating in a brawl that shocked their audiences and led to their temporary suspension from the platform. N3on, who returned to streaming on June 26, 2024, addressed the altercation during a brief broadcast. The 19-year-old shared his experience, admitting it was a life-changing event for him: “Chat, I’ve never been swung on in my life, bro. I’ve never been swung on. I’ve never been run up on. So, that s**t did change me. You believe it or not, that did change me.”

N3on further elaborated on his emotional state following the fight, revealing newfound feelings of anger: “I don’t feel like a pu**y anymore. I feel like… for the first time in my life, I have anger in me. I have anger in me. I have real, like, I don’t know how to explain it.”

As the feud between Jack Doherty and N3on continues to unfold publicly, it raises questions about the ethics and authenticity within the livestreaming community. Doherty’s allegations of viewbotting, if true, highlight a significant issue within the platform, undermining the trust and engagement of genuine viewers. Both streamers remain polarizing figures on Kick, with their ongoing conflict attracting a mix of curiosity and concern from their audience.

While the future of their streaming careers remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the drama between Jack Doherty and N3on is far from over. Fans and critics alike will be closely watching for the next chapter in this escalating rivalry.

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