JT Reflects on Public Feud with Yung Miami: “We’ve Moved On and Can Laugh About It Now”

JT has opened up about her very public clash with Yung Miami, shedding light on the incident that once threatened their bond. Despite their differences, the former City Girls members have managed to move past the conflict and find humor in the situation.

In a candid interview with Keke Palmer, JT expressed regret over the altercation that went viral earlier this year. She admitted that both she and Yung Miami were at fault, but their egos got in the way of resolving the issue privately. “I did not want that to happen,” JT confessed. “When you get to the point of ego… it gets there. You forget to express yourself in a private setting, or you forget to talk like adults.”

Reflecting on the incident, JT acknowledged that it was a mistake. “It happened and it was stupid, and it’s done. It’s over with and now it’s funny to both of us. It’s hilarious to both of us. Now, it’s just a funny thing in time to us.”

The rift between the duo left fans speculating about the cause, but neither JT nor Yung Miami have disclosed the specifics. JT did, however, emphasize that they both played a part in the fallout. “She should be able to tell her side or how she feel,” JT explained. “Because we both were dead ass wrong. It wasn’t no right person in that situation, and I feel like that’s just something that we should talk about as adults.”

Yung Miami recently provided some insight into why the City Girls parted ways. She cited the lack of commercial success for their album “RAW” as a contributing factor. “When we get together as a group, it just wasn’t connecting,” Miami told Complex. “It just wasn’t working no more. So I think we both was at a point where we were just like, ‘We probably should just do our own s###.’”

Despite their split as a group, both artists have continued to pursue their solo careers. JT hinted at new music on the horizon, teasing a collaboration with Jeezy, while Yung Miami has been making strides in her own projects.

The journey from conflict to reconciliation highlights the strength of their friendship. While the City Girls may no longer be making music together, JT and Yung Miami have shown that their bond transcends professional disagreements. Their ability to laugh about the past indicates a maturity and understanding that many can learn from.

For fans, this candid discussion offers a glimpse into the personal dynamics of the duo and reassures them that the connection between JT and Yung Miami remains strong, even if their musical paths have diverged.

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