Jubilation as Sharon Ooja introduces the King of her heart, reveals her husband’s face (video)

The wait is finally over, as Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja has finally revealed her husband’s face.

In a lovely video, which Sharon Ooja captioned, ‘Introducing the King of my heart’, she revealed her husband’s face.

The video captured the intending couple posing for photos, and both of them were all smiles all through the video.

Sharon Ooja wore a lovely white lace corset dress that had beads all over it. The neckline of the dress was a bit daring, as it plunged down to her chest, while the sleeves of the dress were carved to look like huge butterfly wings.

The groom on the other hand wore a long white brocade shirt, paired with a traditional white brocade skirt. He topped the look up with Igbo traditional beads for his necklace and bracelets, while adding a red traditional Igbo cap.

A few months back when Sharon Ooja announced her engagement, stating that she had performed her civil wedding, she faced a lot of backlash because she didn’t reveal her husband’s face.

It got so bad that Sharon Ooja was trolled online, and she lashed out, laying curses on the netizens that were being a border to her.

On more than one occasion, Sharon Ooja expressed how shocked she was about people being nosy about her husband’s identity.

Sharon Ooja isn’t the first actress to hide the identity of their husband. Actress Ruth Kadiri is a clear example, because as far as pubpgc knowledge goes, the identity of her husband isn’t known. When she posts him, only his side or back view is shown.

Wofaifada made an unsuccessful attempt at hiding her husband’s identity but she folded a few hours later and revealed it.

After she revealed her husband Taiwo’s face, that was when all hell broke loose, because shortly after, different people came out, claiming that they were bullied by Taiwo while they were in secondary school.

As if that wasn’t enough, her in-laws openly denied her, and refused to acknowledge her marriage to their son.

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