Kara Buchanan Opens Up About Epilepsy Diagnosis in Heartfelt YouTube Video

Kara Buchanan, one half of the popular YouTube duo ‘Kara and Nate,’ recently shared an emotional video revealing her diagnosis with epilepsy. This marks the first time the couple has publicly discussed Kara’s condition, shedding light on a journey that has been ongoing for the past six years. The video, uploaded on June 15, has already amassed over 1 million views, with fans flooding the comments with messages of support and encouragement.

In the video, Nate Buchanan begins by explaining the reasons behind their decision to finally speak out about Kara’s health struggles. “We want to fill you in on the health journey that Kara has been on for the past six years. This is the first time we’re publicly talking about this for a few different reasons,” he says, setting the stage for a deeply personal revelation.

The couple detailed the timeline of events leading up to Kara’s diagnosis, starting with their New Year’s ‘Day Life Update’ video in Nashville. At that time, they noticed Kara was showing signs of burnout, prompting them to take a six-week break in Colorado. However, the respite was abruptly interrupted when Kara experienced a three-minute seizure on their first night there. They immediately rushed her to the hospital for a CAT scan, which, although alarming, was just the beginning of their search for answers.

On January 26, Kara tested positive for COVID-19 during a consultation with her primary doctor. The doctor suggested that a combination of COVID-19 and the high altitude might have triggered the seizure, advising her to see a neurologist. During a visit to her sister in Dallas, Kara finally managed to secure an appointment with a neurologist on April 17. It was during this consultation that she shared her long history of dizzy spells, which had been occurring since 2018.

Kara recounted these dizzy spells, describing how they would strike unexpectedly, lasting only a few seconds but leaving her feeling disoriented, almost like experiencing déjà vu. These episodes varied in frequency, sometimes happening multiple times a day, and other times going weeks or months without incident. “Out of nowhere I could be sitting up, I could be laying down, I could be standing, this feeling would come over me. It would just last a few seconds where I would feel kind of dizzy but really just out of it almost like a déjà vu feeling,” she explained.

When Kara Buchanan described these symptoms to her neurologist, she was quickly diagnosed with epilepsy. “I was explaining these dizzy spells to her and before I was even finished with my sentence, she stopped me and she said you have epilepsy,” Kara recalls in the video. The neurologist explained that Kara’s recent COVID-19 infection and altitude exposure had exacerbated her condition, leading to a full-blown tonic-clonic seizure.

Since the diagnosis, Kara Buchanan has been on medication to manage her epilepsy, and so far, it has been effective. “I might be on medication for the rest of my life but the good news is this is the positive part so far no side effects and no seizures. I’m so thankful. We’re in a good spot, feels like the medicine’s working. The last thing I wanted to happen was for this not to work,” she shared with a mix of relief and hope.

The response from their audience has been overwhelmingly supportive. One viewer wrote, “Dear Kara please don’t talk yourself out of crying. I think in situations like yours or any other health change of any kind, crying is good for your soul and mind. So if you feel like crying just let it out. Sending you a big and comforting hug, Kara.” Another commented, “We love you two. Your vulnerability and positivity you show during these hard times is so so inspirational!! Thinking of you Kara.”

Kara and Nate’s candid sharing of this personal challenge has not only brought awareness to epilepsy but also showcased their resilience and commitment to transparency with their fans. As they continue to navigate this journey, their community remains a pillar of support, offering hope and strength to Kara in her ongoing battle with epilepsy.

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