Kehlani’s Lighthearted Response to Saweetie Dating Ex YG Shows Maturity and Humor

Kehlani’s recent reaction to the news of Saweetie dating her ex-boyfriend, rapper YG, has been both hilarious and refreshingly mature. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter and star of “The L Word: Generation Q” showed she is completely unbothered by the situation, for an obvious and personal reason.

During an appearance on “Nessa On Air” on June 25, Kehlani was asked about Saweetie dating YG, her ex-boyfriend. Her response was straightforward and confident. “Well, I’m a lesbian,” she said matter-of-factly. “So, why would I care about my male [exes]? I also don’t care what any of my exes are doing. Male, female, anything. My goal is [for] everybody to be happy. Even when I’m with someone, if we decide that we’re not mutually happy, we really shouldn’t be together and we should go be with people who make us happy.”

Kehlani’s maturity and sense of humor were evident as she continued to express her well-wishes for both Saweetie and YG. “I love Saweetie, I think she’s so cute and fun. They make so much sense. Knowing them both, I’m like, ‘You know what? I really like this.’”

Kehlani and YG had a tumultuous relationship, dating for a year before splitting in 2020 amidst several infidelity scandals. Despite the rocky end to their romance, Kehlani has maintained a positive outlook on her past relationships. Speaking about her exes, she emphasized her desire for everyone to find happiness, regardless of their history together.

“I just quite frankly have too much pride for that. That’s embarrassing. If I was bothered, you would never know!” Kehlani stated during the interview. This attitude reflects her broader philosophy of focusing on her own happiness and well-being rather than dwelling on past relationships.

Saweetie and YG’s relationship became public in 2023, and they have been seen together multiple times since. Their romance has had its ups and downs, with rumors of a split earlier this year. However, the couple appeared together at Rolling Loud California, where they openly displayed their affection for each other.

During the event, Saweetie asked the crowd, “Do I look good?” to which YG responded enthusiastically, “Hell yeah, you fine as hell.” As she walked off the stage, YG followed, repeatedly declaring, “I love you, girl,” with Saweetie responding, “I love you too, baby.”

While Kehlani’s personal life often attracts public interest, she remains focused on her music and career. Currently promoting her latest album, she continues to connect with fans through her artistry and live performances. Her ability to maintain a positive and grounded perspective on personal matters, such as her ex-boyfriend’s new relationship, further endears her to her audience.

Kehlani’s reaction to Saweetie and YG’s relationship serves as a reminder of the importance of self-assurance and maturity. By prioritizing her own happiness and wishing the best for others, Kehlani exemplifies a healthy approach to moving on and supporting those around her.

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