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Knives Out 3 Casting May Open Up A Massive Plot Hole (With One Perfect Explanation)


  • Jeremy Renner’s casting in Knives Out 3 creates a fun plot hole that could lead to entertaining meta-humor.
  • Glass Onion references to Renner’s hot sauce brand set the stage for comedic possibilities in the sequel.
  • Renner’s appearance could play with the idea of him playing a fictional version of himself in the movie.

The cast of Knives Out 3, now officially titled Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery, has been announced, but one particular addition to the ensemble opens up a funny plot hole that could actually benefit the movie. The follow-up to 2019’s Knives Out and 2022’s Glass Onion, Knives Out 3 will once again see Daniel Craig playing the role of eccentric detective Benoit Blanc. As well as Craig, Knives Out 3‘s cast will also include Andrew Scott, Kerry Washington, Josh O’Connor, and an actor whose casting creates something of an obstacle the movie will need to overcome.

Taking inspiration from other successful mystery titles, Rian Johnson’s Knives Out movies have proven hits with both audiences and critics. While very little is known regarding the plot of Knives Out 3, it’s fair to assume that the mystery sequel will feature the same combination of clever twists and self-parodying humor that defined the first two installments. Some of that unique humor might even be needed to overcome a plot hole that a certain casting decision has created.


Andrew Scott’s Knives Out 3 Casting Pays Off His Most Famous Character 7 Years Later

Fresh off of 2023’s All of Us Strangers and 2024’s Ripley, Andrew Scott is set to star alongside Daniel Craig in the highly anticipated Knives Out 3.

Jeremy Renner In Knives Out 3 Could Be A Plot Hole Or Paradox After Glass Onion

The Star Already Exists In The Knives Out Universe

One of the several famous faces to join the cast of the upcoming movie is Jeremy Renner. Renner’s Knives Out 3 casting marks the actor’s first film role since his dramatic vehicle accident at the start of 2023. While Renner’s involvement will no doubt come as good news to fans of the Hawkeye star, it does open up something of a paradox. This is because 2022’s Glass Onion makes numerous references to Renner throughout.

What makes the joke in
Glass Onion
so good is that Renner’s fictional hot sauce isn’t just a throwaway gag, but it actually plays a vital role in the movie’s plot.

One of the key themes of Glass Onion is celebrity, and, as such, a lot of the movie’s humor is targeted at the concepts of fame and wealth. Many of Glass Onion‘s celebrity jokes refer to real-life famous people, including Jared Leto and Yo-Yo Ma. Arguably the best recurring joke in the movie is one about Jeremy Renner owning a brand of hot sauce. It should be noted that Renner doesn’t actually own a brand of hot sauce in real life. Nevertheless, with the joke, the film is poking fun at celebrities who take on side ventures to increase their capital.

In the way that Ryan Reynolds owns his own gin brand and Dwayne Johnson has shares in a tequila company, it’s conceivable that Jeremy Renner could have a hot sauce brand. After all, Renner has made a memorable appearance on YouTube’s Hot Ones and once owned his own app. What makes the joke in Glass Onion so good is that Renner’s fictional hot sauce isn’t just a throwaway gag, but it actually plays a vital role in the movie’s plot.

Jeremy Renner’s app was fittingly named “Jeremy Renner” and was launched in March 2017.

How Knives Out 3 Can Explain Its Jeremy Renner Plot Hole

There’s Potential For The Upcoming Movie To Have Lots Of Fun

Jeremy Renner eating chicken on Hot Ones

On one hand, Renner’s casting in Knives Out 3 could be seen as problematic in terms of continuity. Jeremy Renner clearly exists in the Knives Out universe and a character walking around who happens to look exactly like him not only raises lots of questions but undermines the recurring gag in Glass Onion. Then again, by including the actor in the cast of the upcoming sequel, the movie can have a lot of fun with meta-humor by having Renner play himself.

The Knives Out movies aren’t lacking in comedy, and, indeed, the idea of Renner getting to flex his comedy muscles by playing a fictional version of himself who is obsessed with his own hot sauce brand is so enticing that it will almost be disappointing if that turns out not to be the case. Alternatively, Knives Out 3 could go down the Ocean’s Twelve route and have people draw attention to the fact that Renner’s character bears a strikingly close resemblance to the actor Jeremy Renner. Whatever ends up happening, Renner’s appearance in Knives Out 3 will no doubt be a lot of fun.

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Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery (2025)

World-renowned detective Benoit Blanc returns in Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery. The film will follow a new cast surrounding the detective as he attempts to solve another strange case.

Daniel Craig , Kerry Washington , Josh O’Connor , Cailee Spaeny , Andrew Scott

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