Lamine Yamal could breach German labor law in Euro 2024

If Spain go to extra time and penalties, he will have to play past midnight, which is prohibited

Spain’s young superstar, Lamine Yamal, could potentially find himself in breach of a key German labor law during the Euro 2024 tournament.

Under German regulations, it is illegal for minors to work past midnight. At just 16 years old, Yamal’s participation in knockout stage matches that extend into extra time and potentially past midnight could be deemed a violation of this law.

This regulation categorizes his presence on the field during late hours as working hours, which raises concerns about the legal implications. While the specific sanctions for such a violation are not clearly defined, it is anticipated that the Spanish Football Federation might face fines. The exact amount of such fines remains unspecified, and it is unlikely that Yamal himself would face direct penalties.

Yamal scored seven goals in 50 matches for Barcelona this past season.

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