LASG to establish aviation unit for improved sector oversight in Lagos

The Lagos State Government plans to establish a dedicated Aviation Unit within the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation to enhance aviation sector oversight within the state.

This initiative is part of the recently unveiled Lagos State Transport Policy and aims to address the state’s increasing involvement in aviation.

According to Section 4.11: Air Transport of the policy, this is necessary as Lagos State is the primary aviation hub in West Africa and one of the key hubs in Africa, ensuring that all stakeholders’ expectations in the aviation sector in Lagos are met.

“There shall be established within the MOT an Aviation Unit.

“This is in response to the increasing involvement of the State in the aviation sector,” a portion of the policy read.

The policy further reveals that the forthcoming unit will focus on implementing aviation-related policies, developing capacity for better collaboration with the federal government and private sector, and monitoring the impact of aviation activities on Lagos State’s economic, social, and environmental development.

Regarding the timeline for this initiative, the Lagos State Transport Policy notes that the Aviation Unit within the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation will be established within the next two years.

Plans for the proposed Lekki Airport

The Lagos State Transport Policy, specifically in Section 4.11 Air Transport, details the plans for the proposed international Lekki Airport.

The policy notes that the Lagos State Government will partner with the private sector to achieve the goal of building the airport facility.

It highlights the necessity of the Lekki Airport to support the growing Lekki Peninsula area, which is experiencing substantial residential, industrial, and tourism development along the Lekki, Ibeju-Lekki, and Epe corridor.

Additionally, the policy suggests that international travellers from hinterland areas, such as the eastern parts of Ogun State, and Ondo and Edo States, might find it more convenient to use this new airport compared to the existing international airport in Ikeja.

The Lagos State Government will, within the next two years, promote private sector participation in the financing, construction, and operation of the airport in the Lekki Peninsula, as outlined in the policy.

Furthermore, the policy notes that within the next two to five years, the Lagos State Government plans to continue investigating the feasibility of the Lekki Airport under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

What you should know

In January 2024, Nairametrics reported that Lagos State is considering the establishment of an airline for passenger operations as preparations for the construction of its airport in Lekki reach the final stage.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu announced during the Lagos West Senatorial District People’s Town Hall Meeting that the plan for the airline has been in progress for months, with the state finalizing the financing model for the project.

He also mentioned that they are awaiting Federal Government approval and operational contingencies for the airline.


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