LASG to implement a star rating system for auto repair workshops across Lagos

The Lagos State Government is set to introduce a star rating system for purpose-built auto repair workshops within the state to enhance service quality and promote environmental sustainability.

This initiative, part of the recently unveiled Lagos State Transport Policy, aims to discourage the use of roadside and pipeline locations for vehicle repairs, which contribute to environmental pollution through improper disposal of waste materials.

According to Section 4.15 of the policy, the government seeks to ensure better maintenance practices and reduce the adverse environmental impact of vehicle repair activities by promoting purpose-built auto repair workshops.

“The Government will actively discourage the use of roadside and pipeline locations for the repair of vehicles and encourage, as is already happening, purpose-built workshops for auto-repairs.

“To encourage the establishment of this type of auto-repair workshops, a ‘star’ rating system will be established for these facilities based upon their equipment and quality of technical personnel,” a section of Section 4.15 reads.

The policy further provides that, to expedite the implementation of this policy element, the Lagos State Government will explore possible incentives in partnership with the private sector.

More insight

The Lagos State Transport Policy provides the framework for implementing this initiative. According to Table 5.1 of the policy, which outlines the recommended implementation timeline for key actions, subsection 14.3 notes that this initiative is expected to be implemented within two years of the policy’s unveiling.

The first step the Lagos State Government will take is to review existing mechanic villages (MVs) and roadside repair facilities across the state to identify those for immediate closure and set a timeline for closing others.

Additionally, the state government will conduct a survey of existing vehicle repair workshops that are not located in mechanic villages or along roadsides to assess their needs for capacity improvement. This involves identifying what these workshops require to enhance their capabilities and operations.

Following the review of auto repair workshops across the state, the Lagos State Government will establish a “star” rating system for vehicle maintenance workshops. This system will evaluate and rate workshops based on several criteria: the quality of their facilities, the equipment they use, the capabilities of their staff, and the overall quality of their infrastructure.

Furthermore, the policy states that within the next two to five years, the Lagos State Government will continue the eviction of unauthorized use of pipeline right-of-way (ROW) as mechanic workshops.

It will also encourage the upgrading of workshop facilities through the star rating system. In addition, the government will monitor compliance and enforce applicable penalties to ensure adherence to the new standards and regulations.


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