Latto Saves the Day: Steps in for Usher During Technical Glitch at 107.9’s Birthday Bash

On June 22, 2024, American rapper Alyssa Michelle Stephens, known as Latto, made history by becoming the first woman to headline 107.9’s Birthday Bash. However, her performance became even more memorable when she rushed barefoot onto the stage to assist Usher, who was experiencing technical difficulties while performing his hit track “Superstar.”

The moment, captured on video and rapidly going viral on social media, shows Latto stepping in seamlessly to continue Usher’s performance. Usher, visibly surprised yet appreciative, shared the clip online, humorously noting how Latto’s microphone was perfectly functional. This unexpected collaboration highlighted the rapper’s quick thinking and stage presence, earning her widespread admiration.

Aside from Usher, Latto brought out a host of other artists, including Summer Walker, Roscoe Dash, Rasheeda, Flo Milli, and 21 Savage, to perform at the event. Usher, acknowledging Latto’s significant achievement, praised her for being the first female artist to headline the Birthday Bash. He remarked, “Tonight, Latto made history, being the first female to headline Birthday Bash. So, we want to give her, her flowers, one time.”

Latto’s headline performance had been eagerly anticipated since she announced it on March 19, 2024, via a video on X. The rapper later revealed in a now-deleted Instagram post that she had invested all the event’s earnings into the production, expressing her heartfelt gratitude to the over 16,000 fans who attended. Reflecting on her connection to Atlanta, she wrote, “I’m flooding today idc yall wouldn’t understand the feeling!!! Real Atlanta KNOW I put in overtime yall really watched me grow up SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA OTW.”

Fans were thrilled when Latto teased her upcoming album, “Sugar Honey Iced Tea,” during the event. The title has sparked speculation of a reference to her ongoing feud with fellow rapper Ice Spice. Prior to the Birthday Bash, Latto had tweeted a photo of a poop-themed cake with the caption, “Think I’m the sht b

This incident follows previous indirect jabs at Ice Spice. When Latto announced her album “Sunday Service” on TikTok, the video featured Ice Spice’s song “Pretty Girl” in the background. However, Latto later clarified on the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast that it was a coincidence, stating she didn’t “do that on purpose.”

Latto’s headline performance and her spontaneous support for Usher during the Birthday Bash showcased her versatility and commitment to her craft. As she continues to make waves in the music industry, fans eagerly await the release of “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” and the next chapter in her dynamic career.

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