Leadership Crisis Rocks AFAN As Women Farmers Pull Out Of Union

There is crisis brewing at the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) as the Nigeria Women for Agricultural Progressive and Development Initiative (NWAPDI) has withdrawn from the umbrella body.

The withdrawal was announced on Tuesday by the National Coordinator of NWAPDI, Omolara Svensson in Abuja.

Svensson said the decision, although not easy, was unanimously agreed by its members, and was necessary to ensure the growth of the women farmers across the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory.

She said, “After careful consideration and deliberation, the Nigeria Women for Agricultural Progressive and Development Initiative (NWAPDI) has decided to dissociate from AFAN.

“Unlike AFAN and similar organizations, NWAPDI is uniquely focused on empowering and supporting women in agriculture across Nigeria.

“Our mission is to ensure that women have a significant and influential role in shaping the agricultural landscape of our country. However, despite our efforts, we have observed a persistent lack of meaningful inclusion and recognition of women within AFAN, undermining our core objectives and the progress we strive to achieve.

“These internal conflicts have made it increasingly challenging for NWAPDI to fulfil its mandate under such circumstances.

“As of today, NWAPDI stands as the only registered and authorized women-only agricultural initiative in Nigeria. This position underscores our commitment to creating a focused, inclusive, and progressive platform for women in agriculture”.

Svensson added that with the decision to operate independently, noting that NAWPDI would effectively advocate for the interests of women farmers and drive meaningful change within the agricultural sector.

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