Logan Paul Files Defamation Suit Against Coffeezilla Over CryptoZoo Allegations

Logan Paul has initiated legal proceedings against popular YouTuber Stephen Findeisen, widely known as Coffeezilla, alleging defamation. Paul claims that Coffeezilla is deliberately spreading falsehoods to damage his reputation. The lawsuit arises from a series of videos produced by Coffeezilla, labeling Paul’s CryptoZoo game as a “scam.”

Coffeezilla has published multiple videos and statements criticizing Paul’s management of CryptoZoo, accusing the NFT game of being a fraudulent scheme. In a detailed 47-page legal document served to Findeisen, Logan Paul outlines his case:

“Plaintiff Logan Paul, a globally recognized entertainer, athlete, and entrepreneur, brings this defamation action against Defendant Stephen Findeisen, a/k/a ‘Coffeezilla’—a self-described investigative journalist and ‘internet detective’ with no actual journalism training or a private investigator’s license—to hold him accountable for maliciously and repeatedly publishing false statements accusing Paul of operating a scam in connection with a troubled blockchain project called CryptoZoo.”

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday, targets both Findeisen and his production company. Paul, now a WWE Superstar, alleges that Coffeezilla’s in-depth investigation into the failed CryptoZoo project is based on false claims aimed at defaming him. For the past two years, Coffeezilla has released several videos addressing the controversies surrounding the blockchain game, consistently labeling it a “scam” and accusing Paul of intentionally deceiving his fans for financial gain.

Paul contends that despite having access to text messages that tell a different story, Coffeezilla continues to spread misinformation for publicity, using Paul’s name to boost his channel’s viewership and revenue. Paul points out that Coffeezilla launched a subscription-based Patreon account following his initial video on CryptoZoo, encouraging viewers to pay for more content. Paul interprets this move as an indication that Coffeezilla recognized the financial benefits of sensationalizing the project as a scam.

In the lawsuit, Paul presents text messages that he believes demonstrate his genuine intentions for CryptoZoo. According to Paul, he envisioned a legitimate and enjoyable game and relied on advisors Eddie Ibanez and “Crypto King” Jake Greenbaum for the project’s development. When the project failed to meet expectations, Paul expressed frustration and claimed he had been misled by his team. He maintains that he never sought to compromise the game’s integrity and promised to hold those responsible accountable.

Paul also asserts that Coffeezilla was aware that he did not profit from CryptoZoo but instead incurred significant financial losses. He claims to have already devised a plan to refund users prior to Coffeezilla’s exposé and has since refunded over $1 million of his own money to NFT purchasers.

Through this lawsuit, Logan Paul aims to clear his name and repair the damage done to his reputation. The defamation suit alleges that Coffeezilla “confidently [told] his viewers not only that the project was a scam, but that it was a scam conceived of and perpetrated by Paul.”

The legal document reveals that Paul considered legal action against Findeisen when the initial CryptoZoo videos were released but chose to refrain, hoping to move past the controversy. However, Coffeezilla’s final video, which criticized Paul’s “buyback program,” prompted Paul to pursue legal recourse.

Paul seeks $75,000 in compensatory damages for harm to his brand and reputation, as well as the impact on his mental health. As of now, Coffeezilla has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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