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Lucys Fallout Season 2 Story & Wasteland Transformation Teased By Showrunners


  • Lucy’s journey in
    season 2 will push her further from home, challenging her resolve and transforming her in unexpected ways.
  • The harshness of the Wasteland will test Lucy’s optimism and force her to adapt, with revelations about her family shaping her worldview.
  • Lucy’s bond with The Ghoul and her history may lead to significant changes, as
    characters are often transformed by their experiences.

Fallout showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet tease how Ella Purnell’s Vault-Dweller Lucy’s journey may test her resolve and change her from her happy, optimistic self as she moves further in season 2. A former resident of Vault 33, Lucy was forced from the safety of her home in the underground bunker into the wasteland in search of her kidnapped father, Hank (Kyle MacLachlan). In the final episode of season 1, revelations about her parents set Lucy on a journey to the Mojave Wasteland alongside her unexpected ally, The Ghoul (Walton Goggins).

While Fallout season 2 is still in early development, Wagner and Robertson-Dworet teased what awaits one of its lead protagonists on the road to New Vegas to Awards Daily. While the Wasteland forced Lucy to adapt to the harshness of the surface, Robertson-Dworet teased that Lucy would face greater changes in season 2 as she found herself further from home, challenging whether she can remain herself in the face of any new challenges. Check out Robertson-Dworet’s explanation below:

Another thing we can say is location is a very central idea to our show. That we are made by the world we come from. Lucy doesn’t spend that much time on the surface in season 1, and she has been transformed by the little time she’s been up there. But she’s going to get further and further from home in this next season and I think that raises all sorts of interesting questions for her about if she can remain the person she was when she was home in that culture, or will she be transformed by the Wasteland.

How Might The Wasteland Change Lucy In Fallout Season 2?

Despite stepping out onto the surface and immediately being faced by a rougher world than she grew up with, Lucy managed to hold onto a spark of optimism in Fallout season 1, even after gunfights, being used as bait, almost having her organs harvested, and learning what irradiated horrors roam the post-war landscape. However, with her having learned the truth about her father in the finale, Lucy’s worldview has been shattered. With her also being separated from Maximus, Lucy may only be left to learn from her new unlikely traveling partner, The Ghoul, once known as Cooper Howard.


Fallout Season 2: Confirmation & Everything We Know

Prime Video’s adaptation of the ever-popular video game Fallout has arrived with its critically-acclaimed first season, and season 2 is on the way.

In her brief journey with The Ghoul in Fallout season 1, Lucy was unwillingly subjected to many harsh lessons on how to track beasts, how to trade for supplies, and how to survive, with her often being the subject of each lesson. However, she persevered throughout all of this, with Lucy sticking to her closely-held golden rule and aiding him, even after everything he put her through. As such, while she previously resisted most of his guidance, Lucy may be more receptive in hopes of finding the truth behind her family.

It is rare that a Fallout protagonist remains the same by the end of their stores, as Vault Dwellers become tribal leaders, orphans become saviors of the Wasteland, and couriers can become leaders of what civilization remains. It is clear from Wagner and Robertson-Dworet’s tease that Lucy will be no exception, especially with her complicated family history potentially tying her to the start of the apocalypse itself. With Fallout season 1 ending on massive reveals that shocked even experienced players, Lucy’s journey could easily reshape the franchise forever.

season 1 is available on Prime Video.

Source: Awards Daily

Fallout TV Show Poster Showing Lucy, CX404, Ghoul, and Maximus in Front of an Explosion with Flying Bottle Caps


Based on the video game franchise of the same name, Fallout is a drama series set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The series follows the survivors of the human race in an alternate 1950s timeline, where nuclear war laid waste to the Earth, spawning large irradiated areas and mutated humans who now roam the planet.

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