“Maybe the fowl laid the eggs through CS” – Netizens slam Uche Elendu as she laments over a crate of egg being sold for N6000

Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has taken to her social media page to lament over the price of a crate of egg.

The movie star, revealed that a crate of egg is being sold for N6000 in her area. Calling out the government, she told them to ban egg in the country as she expressed doubts that a fowl laid the egg. Uche, who is still shocked over the price, vowed not to purchase it.

“A crate of egg is now N6000. How?? Abeg government kuku ban am cos no be fowl lay this one!! I’m shocked. I won’t buy Biko”.

Uche Elendu laments over the price of a crate of egg

Taking to comment section, many slammed her for exaggerating as they noted how things in the country isn’t that bad for egg to be sold at that price.

One I Am King Dinero1 wrote, “Maybe the fowl lay the eggs through CS

One The Warri Pharmacist wrote, “6k for where? Na through CS the fowl take lay the egg?

One Ayoola560 wrote, “Na una go use mouth inflate am, then market people go come follow

One Unusual Rita wrote, “Na the feed make the egg cost

One Dionn Lux Empire wrote, “You go still buy my sister no worry

One Joan Lawrence 188847 wrote, “The fowl na IVF e take lay the eggs

One Mercy5023 wrote, “If u don’t buy get ready to lack some important nutrients in your body”.

Early this month, Yoruba actress, Yewande Adekola Abiodun haf lamented bitterly over the price of a bag of Garri, which is being sold for N80,000. She noted how Garri used to be a poor man’s food, but now, it has become expensive.

She pondered how the average Nigerian was surviving, as she added that if the poor man can no longer afford to buy it, then something has happened to the country.

Similarly, in February, Debbie Shokoya lamented over the cost of living in the country. She questioned which country she could easily relocate to as she noted how a bag of rice was being sold at N90k.

Debbie noted how rich people are also complaining, which has left her with several questions as everyday things get clearer to her.

During the festive period, Mary Njoku had cried out over the hardship and state of the economy in the country, revealing that she went shopping and spent N100k at the supermarket, yet her trolley was not full.

Mercy Aigbe, on her part, made a passionate appeal to the son of the President, Seyi Tinubu, noting how people are hungry and dying in the country over the economy. She asserted that the present situation of the country is terrible, and she urged the government to do something about it.

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