Medical experts stress importance of Ultrasound Guided Anesthetic block

Medical experts have described the use of ultrasound guided
regional anesthetic block as a safe means of anaesthesia for a wide range of orthopedic and plastic surgeries as well as management of acute and chronic pain.

They made this known during a two-day training for medical professionals drawn from across the country, and West-African sub-region, held at the National Orthopedic Hospital (NOH) Enugu.

Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access and Peripheral Nerve Blocks is a kind of medication that helps doctors identify and access nerves more easily and reduce the risk of accidentally puncturing unintended veins or arteries during surgery while regional anesthetic is the use of medicines to block pain from an area of the body.

The training organized
by the Department of Anesthesia,
National Orthopedic Hospital,
Enugu, in collaboration with Skill
Transfer Network, has as its theme,
“Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access
and Peripheral Nerve Blocks.”

It drew participants and seasoned
health professionals from, southeast, South South, North Central and outside Nigeria.

Highlighting the essence
of the training, the Medical Director,
(MD) National Orthopedic Hospital,
Enugu, Professor Emmanuel Iyidobi, said the hospital was determined to
serve as a regional hub for regional anesthetic surgery in West Africa
while keying into the renewed hope Agenda of President Bola Tinubu led Administration.

“This training is basically a training
for regional anesthesia. Regional Anesthesia is the form of
Anesthesia that you give to a patient
before you start operation.
Regional in the sense that you will not make that patient to sleep. You
just knock out the area where you
are going to operate on the patient
and the patient will not feel pain.

“So after this training, we
expect that people in the
Southeast, South-South region,
North-Central region, and indeed
West-African sub-region should be
able to access regional anesthesia
and surgery in this hospital.” he said.

Earlier, the Training Coordinator, Dr. Tj. Kozo, said the hospital was equipped to
serve as a regional Centre for
anesthetic surgery in West Africa.

“Some patients that will come with
acute pain being walked up for surgery, with the aid of the
ultrasound block, we’ll be able to
take care of the patient’s pain while
the patient is being prepared for

A consultant anaesthetist, from Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Odukuye Rukevwe and an Anaesthetist, Ikenga CSP, harped on the need for medical professionals to tap into the emerging dynamics
in medicine while
stating the safety precautions.

“In order to do these surgeries, the
Doctor must be very vigilant and safe.
One of the safety mechanisms that
We have put in place is what we are
Doing today, the use of ultrasound
scan in administering regional
Anesthetic block.
It’s a highly specialized thing to do.Anesthetists are about one of the
few people that are well trained to
do that. Now, what we are teaching
is how to do this safely with
Ultrasound, which is where the
World is going to.

Some of the participants, including Dr. Jonathan Eya and Head of Department Anesthesia, Dr. Martina Chioma Odiakosa, spoke on the
importance of the training, even as they commended the hospital management for making the
workshop cost-free.

The training on regional anesthetic course, has been proposed as an annual event by the hospital management. In

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