Meet the ‘Blue Sweatpants Girl’: TikTok’s Latest Dance Sensation Rivaling Tyla

A new dance sensation has taken over TikTok, and she’s being dubbed the ‘Blue Sweatpants Girl.’ Her mesmerizing dance moves have sparked comparisons to South African singer-songwriter Tyla, famous for her viral hit ‘Water’ in 2023 and the signature dance move that accompanied it.

Tyla’s dance moves became a global phenomenon, captivating audiences worldwide. However, it seems there’s a new contender in town. The Blue Sweatpants Girl, a young woman who skyrocketed to TikTok fame with her rendition of the Tyla Dance, has fans buzzing about her uncanny ability to replicate Tyla’s moves, if not surpass them.

This viral sensation began on June 9, 2024, when TikTok user Laura Sophia uploaded an 11-second video of herself dancing to CPK Shawn’s slowed-down track ‘Pop Like This Pt. 2.’ Dressed in her trademark light blue sweatpants, Laura’s performance was so fluid and effortless that she appeared to glide across the screen, enchanting viewers.

In just two weeks, Laura’s video amassed an astonishing 84 million views and over 11.4 million likes. Comments flooded in, with many users comparing her to Tyla and some even suggesting that she might be Tyla in an alternate universe. “This might just be Tyla in another universe,” one viewer mused. Another quipped, “Tyla, where have you been?” The praise didn’t stop there; some fans urged Tyla to hire Laura as a backup dancer, noting her exceptional talent.

Responding to her newfound fame, Laura introduced herself in another video that quickly garnered over 4 million views. She revealed that she hails from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and is passionate about dancing, painting, and surfing, although she humbly admits she isn’t particularly skilled at the latter. In a humorous twist, she addressed concerns from women worried about their boyfriends watching her videos, playfully offering to block any boyfriend upon request.

Laura’s sense of humor and down-to-earth personality only added to her appeal. She shared a compilation of her dance fails and wipeouts on June 16, demonstrating her ability to laugh at herself. This authenticity endeared her even more to her growing fanbase.

However, Laura’s TikTok journey hit a snag when her account was temporarily banned shortly after she went viral. Fortunately, her account was reinstated quickly, and she now boasts an impressive 676,000 followers. Her slick Salsa moves, engaging personality, and willingness to laugh at herself have made her the internet’s latest “it girl.”

Laura Sophia, the ‘Blue Sweatpants Girl,’ continues to captivate audiences with her dance videos, often showcasing her moves in casual outfits, including her signature sweatpants. Despite the mystery surrounding her seemingly effortless gliding dance move, she has shared tips on how she achieves the effect, emphasizing the importance of foot and hip coordination.

Her viral fame can be traced back to the influence of Tyla, whose dance moves have inspired countless TikTok users. Tyla, whose full name is Tyla Laura Seethal, first performed the dance on stage in 2024, and it quickly became a trend after a slowed and stylized edit of her performance was posted on TikTok.

As the ‘Blue Sweatpants Girl,’ Laura Sophia has set a new standard for the Tyla dance on TikTok. Her talent, humor, and authenticity continue to win over fans, solidifying her status as a standout performer on the platform.

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