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Mike Flanagan's New Exorcist Movie Update Is A Huge Relief After His 5-Year Netflix Show Streak


  • Mike Flanagan’s new Exorcist movie promises to continue his successful streak, reaffirming his status as a horror genre powerhouse.
  • The poor critical reception of 2023’s The Exorcist reboot led to a new direction with Flanagan at the helm, blending commercial success with talent.
  • With both The Life of Chuck and the untitled Exorcist movie releasing within two years of each other, audiences can expect a consistent dose of Flanagan’s brilliant horror storytelling.

A new update surrounding Mike Flanagan‘s new Exorcist movie is relieving because it promises to continue the director’s impressive 5-year Netflix show streak. 2023 marked the return of one of the notable horror franchises when Morgan Creek Entertainment released a new reboot of The Exorcist. Unfortunately, even though a trilogy of films was in development to revamp and revive the classic horror franchise, 2023’s The Exorcist: Believer‘s poor critical reception prevented its future from happening.

However, one good thing came out of the horror franchise’s return: its box office of $137 million against a budget of $30 million proved that The Exorcist was still commercially scalable. Owing to this, Mike Flanagan was taken aboard to direct a whole new reboot for the franchise, which is a brilliant decision considering Flanagan’s consistent success in the horror genre. An update surrounding the new Exorcist‘s release makes it even more exciting because it affirms that Mike Flanagan is not breaking his best horror trend anytime soon.


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Mike Flanagan’s The Life Of Chuck & Exorcist Movies Are Releasing Within 2 Years Of Each Other

While The Life Of Chuck Will Likely Premiere Later This Year, The New Exorcist Is Set For A 2026 Release

Mike Flanagan’s Stephen King adaptation, The Life of Chuck, is scheduled to be released at the 2024 Toronto International Film Festival in September 2024. While its theatrical release date remains unknown, it is expected to premiere sometime towards the end of the year. Interestingly, long before The Life of Chuck‘s release, Mike Flanagan’s next movie project has not only been confirmed but even its release date has been officially announced. As reports suggest, Mike Flanagan’s Exorcist movie is set to be released on March 13, 2026, by Universal and Blumhouse.

The fact that his upcoming movie projects, The Life of Chuck and the untitled Exorcist movie, are being released within 2 years of each other guarantees that audiences will get a steady dose of Flanagan’s brilliant horror storytelling.

While most details surrounding the film’s story and cast are still under wraps, it will reportedly serve as a new take on the renowned horror movie franchise. Since Mike Flanagan has experienced immense success with his line of acclaimed horror television shows on Netflix in recent years, he has garnered a solid following, with many keeping a close eye on what he is developing next. The fact that his upcoming movie projects, The Life of Chuck and the untitled Exorcist movie, are being released within two years of each other guarantees that audiences will get a steady dose of Flanagan’s brilliant horror storytelling.

Mike Flanagan’s New Movies Are Repeating The Consistency Of His Netflix Horror Shows

Mike Flanagan Remains One Of The Most Prolific Horror Auteurs Of Modern Times

Even with his Netflix shows, Mike Flanagan consistently maintained the perfect balance between quality and quantity. Only two years after The Haunting of Hill House‘s release on the streamer, its follow-up, The Haunting of Bly Manor, premiered on the platform. One year later, in 2021, Flanagan’s highly acclaimed Midnight Mass came out, which was followed up with The Midnight Club in 2022. Without breaking his release streak, Flanagan ensured that The Fall of the House of Usher was released in 2023, establishing him as a remarkably prolific creator in the horror genre.

Since The Life of Chuck is seemingly premiering around one year after The Fall of the House of Usher, it is not breaking Flanagan’s perfect release streak. With its release date set for March 2026, the director’s take on the Exorcist franchise will continue to showcase his relentless drive and commendable creative output. Hopefully, even when it comes to quality, both The Life of Chuck and the new Exorcist movie will live up to the high standards set by Mike Flanagan‘s acclaimed Netflix shows.

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The Life of Chuck

Based on the short story written by Stephen King, The Life of Chuck is a drama/supernatural film by writer-director Mike Flanagan. Tom Hiddleston stars as the titular Charles Krantz and traverses three phases of his life, including his time spent growing up in a haunted house.

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