Minimum Wage: Nobody In Their Right Mind Would Say Labour Demand Is Nonsensical – Bwala

Daniel Bwala, a former spokesperson for the Atiku Abubakar campaign in the 2023 elections, has shared his thoughts on the ongoing tussle between the organised Labour and the Federal government over the new national minimum wage.

Speaking on Monday, during an interview on TVC news, Bwala opined that the minimum wage for Nigerian workers should be about ₦250,000.

Naija News reports that Labour had declared a strike over a new minimum wage and the recent hike in electricity tariffs for Band A customers.

On Monday night, the federal government and organised labour reached an agreement on a new minimum wage that will be “above ₦60,000”.

Sharing his thoughts on the situation, Bwala stated that the organised labour demand was not nonsensical.

He insisted that they deserve a new minimum wage, but they were not being realistic.

He said, “In terms of being realistic to food inflation and the cost of living in Nigeria generally, N60,000 is nowhere.

“Even the federal government is not denying that. I don’t think anybody in his right sense will say what the labour union is asking is nonsensical. No. It’s deserving but not realistic.

“I think the government should be reasonable enough to go a little higher. And I don’t think the government is saying N60,000 is the final.

“If you ask me, I think the minimum wage should be about N250,000 in Nigeria. But if you think it’s due but there is no money, then you have to make do with what you have.”

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