“My goal is not to make heaven” – Actress Chika Lann reveals as she lashes out at those telling her to repent (Video)

Nollywood actress Chika Lann has lashed out at Christians as she speaks on making heaven.

Taking to her Instagram page to share a video, she revealed that her goal is not to make heaven, as she admonished those telling her to repent, to desist from it. She stated that rather than praying and waiting to make heaven, one should channel such energy into working hard and praying their ancestors make them wealthy so they can experience heaven on earth.

She added that the reason why many are suffering today is because they want to make heaven.

“My goal is not to make heaven, so stop dropping comment like, ‘Repent heaven is real’. Instead of praying and waiting to go to heaven, it is better for you to start working hard and praying to your ancestors to make you to be wealthy so that you can able to live and experience heaven on earth. The reason why you are suffering today is because you want to go to heaven”.

As expected her statement drew reactions from social media users.

One Emeka wrote, “From her mouth to God’s ear. True true, heaven no be for everyone. Narrow is the gate that leads to life and few will find it. Heaven is my portion in Jesus’ name

One Real Sarah Emmanuel wrote, “She done finally comot hand for heavenly race

One Eemphilikings wrote, “Last last she go turn pastor. God works in mysterious ways. Ask Saul

One Augustine Iboh wrote, “Yet u never blow, you are not even a billionaire. What is your gain then?

One Cuddle Lam Collection wrote, “I pity you, you don’t know what you are saying madam

One Joe Ijo wrote, “If you have given up on Christ do that alone don’t carry others along”.

Months back, singer, Brymo had declared he doesn’t believe in religious hell, while adding that should he find himself in hell, he desires to go alone as he goes everywhere alone.

Also, singer, Omah Lay had expressed disinterest in religion, as he admitted that he used to be religious, till he gained fame and started making money and now has backslid.

To add to it, media personality, Daddy Freeze stirred backlash after he revealed the several reasons why he couldn’t serve God, who he referred to as ‘god’. Big Brother Naija Bambam, who wasn’t pleased with his statement lectured him him with biblical references.

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