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My Lady Jane Season 1 Ending Explained: What Happens To Jane Grey & Guildford Dudley

Warning: This article contains major SPOILERS for My Lady Jane episodes 1-8.


  • My Lady Jane
    makes good on its promise to change its heroine’s fate, as Jane and Guildford escape their executions at the end of season 1.
  • My Lady Jane
    season 1’s ending leaves a few loose ends, suggesting there will be a second season.
  • A potential season 2 could pull from the source material, as the book describes what happens to Lady Mary and England.

My Lady Jane debuted with eight episodes on Prime Video, and the Amazon series takes viewers on a tense and magical adventure before reaching its thrilling ending. Based on Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows’ novel of the same name, My Lady Jane reimagines the story of the real-life Jane Grey, England’s first queen. The real Jane’s reign was a short-lived part of the Tudor era, but My Lady Jane crafts a new narrative and fate for its heroine. Using punchy narration and feminist themes, it turns her into the opposite of a “damsel in distress.

Although My Lady Jane alters history, it sees the fictional version of its lead facing similar obstacles to her real-life counterpart. In the series’ Tudor England, Catholics and Protestants are replaced with Ethians — humans who turn into animals — and Verities, ordinary people who believe Ethians are evil. When Jane is forced to marry and take her seemingly dead cousin’s throne, she finds herself facing the wrath of those who tried to usurp him. She also faces backlash for attempting to ease the division between Ethians and Verities. This nearly leads to her beheading, but My Lady Jane‘s ending spares her that fate.


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What Happens To Lady Jane Grey & Lord Guildford Dudley In My Lady Jane

They Both Escape Execution & Survive At The End Of Season 1

The real Lady Jane Grey and Guildford Dudley were beheaded at the behest of Queen Mary I, but My Lady Jane promises a different ending to its heroine’s story — and it delivers. Although things look dire for Jane and Guildford in season 1’s final episodes, the couple manage to escape their executions just as they’re unfolding. Jane is dragged in front of an audience to be beheaded, and Guildford is put on a pyre. Fortunately, King Edward and Fitz convince the Ethians to disrupt the execution. Animals descend on the castle, helping Jane and Guildford get away.

The pair get a happy-ish ending in
My Lady Jane
— it’s certainly better than being executed — but many of the details are left open-ended.

The gripping romance between Jane and Guildford comes to a head at this moment, as she’s willing to burn in order to save him. Jane tells Guildford she loves him, and he finally transforms into a horse of his own volition. With so much commotion, Jane leaps onto Guildford’s back, and they ride off together. They make it away from the castle, but when Guildford suggests they travel elsewhere, Jane realizes they can’t leave. The pair get a happy-ish ending in My Lady Jane — it’s certainly better than being executed — but many of the details are left open-ended.

Who Sits On England’s Throne At The End Of My Lady Jane Season 1?

Season 1 Concludes With Mary Still Queen

Princess Mary and Lord Seymour look on in disgust in front of a castle in My Lady Jane

Jane and Guildford survive the ending of My Lady Jane season 1, but England’s woes aren’t over. Amazon has yet to renew the historical fantasy series for season 2, but Queen Mary still sits on the throne when My Lady Jane comes to a close. Jane and Guildford escape her wrath, but everyone who helps them get away remains at the castle. There’s no comeuppance for Mary or Lord Seymour, and they’re still unaware that King Edward is alive. While viewers can assume Jane, Guildford, and Edward retake the throne, My Lady Jane seems to be gearing up for season 2.

Kate O’Flynn does a diabolical job of bringing Queen Mary to life, so it would be nice to see this alternate version of history take her villainous monarch down. There are also questions about who should sit on the throne next. Edward seems poised to retake it, but he’ll need to ensure he has a plan, in case anything like My Lady Jane comes to pass again. He’ll also have his work cut out for him; he promises to make peace between the Ethians and Verities, an action that results in Jane’s removal and near-execution in season 1.

Do The Ethians & Verities Make Peace After My Lady Jane

The Conflict Between The 2 Groups Is Not Fully Resolved

Máiréad Tyers as Jane's friend Susannah in My Lady Jane

Another element of My Lady Jane season 1 that doesn’t get closure is the conflict between the Ethians and Verities. Edward convinces the former to help him, and he promises to treat them more fairly when he retakes his throne. However, that’s yet to happen, so the division between Ethians and Verities is still in effect. The ending of My Lady Jane season 1 takes a step towards peace, but it doesn’t actually unite the two groups. If My Lady Jane is renewed for season 2, this will likely be one of the main storylines the new episodes cover.

My Lady Jane
is renewed for season 2, this will likely be one of the main storylines the new episodes cover.

Unfortunately, the fight that unfolds in the midst of Jane’s execution will probably serve to increase the tensions between the Ethians and Verities rather than smooth things over. If Queen Mary remains in place, she’ll likely retaliate against the group. Edward could also face trouble reclaiming his throne now that he’s associated with them. They successfully save Jane in the season 1 finale, but it may come at a cost.

What Happens To Jane & Guildford’s Families In The Amazon Series

They’re All Traitors To Queen Mary

My Lady Jane season 1’s ending features satisfying moments from Jane and Guildford’s families, but the Amazon series doesn’t dig too deeply into what happens to them after the couple escapes. All of them are complicit in their getaway, so they could be branded traitors. Jane’s mother, Frances, talks her way out of several unsavory situations in season 1, and she might just do it again. Frances and her daughters look like they’re walking free in My Lady Jane‘s final moments, so hopefully, this will remain the case.

Likewise, Lord Dudley and Stan both return to the castle to save Guildford, and it’s a touching redemption for their characters. Lord Dudley even tells the truth about Guildford killing his mother years ago — but he assures his son that it isn’t his fault. Guildford’s father and brother attempt to mend their relationships with him. And while they fail to break Guildford out the first time, they aid in his and Jane’s escape later on. It’s unclear what happens to Lord Dudley after this, though Stan appears to reignite his romance with Jane’s mother.

Sadly, this means the fates of My Lady Jane‘s supporting characters remain mostly up in the air as season 1 closes. It will be a huge disappointment if Amazon doesn’t renew the series for season 2. While the season 1 finale offers some closure, it could go much further with its resolutions. Of course, the narrator even says that the “story is not over yet.”

How My Lady Jane’s Conclusion Differs From The Book

It Features An Ending That May Be Covered In Season 2

My Lady Jane Book Cover featuring "lady" in pink, a woman, and the phrase "it's not easy being queen"

Amazon’s My Lady Jane adaptation makes a few key changes to the source material, but the most important is the ending. The conclusion of the book sees Jane and Guildford teaming up with Edward and a woman named Grace — who seems to be replaced by Fitz in the TV show — to take back the throne. When they do, Edward decides he no longer wants to be king. He relinquishes the crown to his sister, Bess, which could still happen in the show. My Lady Jane season 2 may cover all this, but season 1 pumps the breaks on the novel’s conclusion.

Jane also discovers she has Ethian powers in the book, and she learns to turn into a ferret. The My Lady Jane adaptation doesn’t allude to this, so it may permanently change this aspect of the story. The Amazon series also leaves out Jane and Guildford training with Edward’s grandmother, as well as Edward facing a bear in order to win the Ethians to his side. These things are less critical to the overall plot, and they likely won’t be featured in another outing.

In the book, Ethians are called Edians and Guildford is known more commonly as G.

The Real Meaning Of My Lady Jane Season 1’s Ending Explained

Love Conquers All…Ish

Jane and Guildford embrace in front of a blue and pink background in a promo image for My Lady Jane

The real meaning of My Lady Jane‘s ending is put simply by the narrator during season 1’s final scene: “True love really can conquer all… you know, ish.Jane and Guildford’s story proves this, and it seems several of the other characters are conquering challenges with love as well. However, the cleverly added “ish” supports the idea that the narrative isn’t over. While Jane and Guildford have overcome many obstacles already, there’s still work to do. Their love will likely be put to the test again, and the other relationships may face similar challenges if the show continues.

My Lady Jane
is all about taking the reins of one’s own story.

Fortunately, My Lady Jane is all about taking the reins of one’s own story. This is why the book and TV series rewrite Lady Jane Grey’s history, giving the fictionalized version of her the ending she deserves. And this is reason enough to believe My Lady Jane‘s heroes will succeed at retaking the throne. If they don’t, they’ll keep trying, twisting fate until it works in their favor.

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