NANS Tackles Fayemi Over Submission On New Minimum Wage

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has rebuked the former Ekiti State governor, Kayode Fayemi, for stating that state governments should be free to set new minimum wage agreements with labour unions.

In a statement signed and released on Tuesday by its Senate’s National Clerk, Abdul-Yekinn Odunayo, the student group criticized Fayemi’s position as being detrimental to workers’ rights.

Naija News reports that the Federal Government and labour unions have been in discussions for several weeks regarding the new minimum wage.

Labour unions are demanding N250,000, whereas the government is proposing N62,000.

Fayemi, during a recent interview, suggested a more localized approach to setting minimum wage, arguing that each state should decide on what they can afford, considering their unique circumstances.

The former governor’s submission, however, did not settle well with NANS, and the student union urged the Federal government to overlook Fayemi’s stance and instead push for the enforcement of the new minimum wage by state governors upon its enactment.

Odunayo labelled Fayemi’s remarks as inappropriate and potentially divisive, suggesting they could lead to a significant rift between state governors, the Federal government, and Nigerian workers.

His words read: “We want to urge the Federal government to ignore former governor Kayode Fayemi and his call for a decentralised minimum wage negotiation with the labour.

“In fact, we want the Federal government to compel State governors to pay the new minimum wage if signed into law and mete out serious sanction and punishment to any State governor who defaults in the payment of the new minimum wage.

“It is dangerous and unproductive to allow State governors to determine what they can pay as minimum wage. This can spell doom for Nigeria and set the governors against the Federal government.”

Naija News reports that under the leadership of Pedro Obi, NANS has supported the labour unions in their calls for an increase in the minimum wage.

The student union has emphasized that Nigerian students are dedicated to offering continuous support and motivation to the current administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in efforts to regain the nation’s former prestige and to create a favourable environment for Nigerians, encouraging them to thrive and pursue their lives and careers safely within the country.

NANS has further stated that it is imperative for both the Federal and State governments to place the well-being of workers first and enact policies aimed at enhancing the living standards of Nigerians.

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