Nasarawa Govt Close Down Mining Company Over Alleged Infraction

The government of Nasarawa State has closed a lithium mining company called Trimadix Geomin Consult Limited, which operates in the state’s Kokona Local Government Area.

This closure was due to the company allegedly starting its operations without adhering to the state’s established legal regulations for mining.

The State Commissioner for the Environment and Natural Resources, Kwanta Yakubu, expressed his disappointment during a press conference in Lafia on Wednesday, revealing that Trimadix Geomin Consult Limited violated the necessary procedures for starting their operations.

Commissioner Kwanta underscored that the closure of Trimadix Geomin Consult Limited is a firm step towards the government’s unwavering commitment to eradicating illegal mining activities across the state, a pledge the government is determined to fulfil.

The Nasarawa State Government made this move in response to a request from the community leader for action against the unauthorized mining on his land without the proper consent.

“There exists in Nasarawa State, the Executive Order No. 02 of 2022 signed into Law by His Excellency, Governor Abdullahi Sule, which particularly provides that all community consent and development agreements made pursuant to Section 116 of the Mineral and Mining Act, 2007, and prior to signing by authenticated Community Heads shall be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice through the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to be vetted and certified by the Attorney General of Nasarawa State.

“The Executive Order also provides that all mining entities arriving in the state with Authority of the Federal Government to carry out mining in the state must undergo checks by the Ministry responsible for environment and mining, and the security agencies in the state in order to verify their legal status, citizenship and background before settlement.

“The so-called mining entity claiming to be licensed to carry out mining activities in the Amba community is not known to the Nasarawa State Government according to the provisions of the Executive Order No. 02 of 2022, and the mining site remains closed and secured until responsible investors who are trusted by the community and the state, through a proper consenting, are licensed to mine in the area,” the commissioner stated.

Kwanta also mentioned that the state government is dedicated to persistently monitoring the mining location, further noting that any other mining operation facing similar violations of the established legal regulations will also be closed.

Naija News understands that Trimadix Geomin Consult Limited had recently filed a complaint against the Nasarawa State government for excessive meddling in their mining operations within the state.

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