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Netflix's Thriller With 98% Rotten Tomatoes Score Cracks Most Popular TV List


  • Baby Reindeer
    is Netflix’s 10th most popular TV show ever.
  • The series emerged as a global sensation despite minimal promotion from Netflix.
  • Critics laud the dark, emotionally charged series as culturally relevant with lasting impact.

Baby Reindeer, Netflix’s thriller with a 98% Rotten Tomatoes score, cracks the streaming service’s Top 10 list of most popular TV shows ever. Created by and starring Richard Gadd, based on his autobiographical one-man show, the British miniseries blends elements of Black comedy, drama, and thriller by following an aspiring comedian and bartender who develops a twisted relationship with a female stalker, which forces him to confront a deeply buried dark trauma. Other than Gadd, the Baby Reindeer cast also includes Jessica Gunning, Nava Mau, and Tom Goodman-Hill.

Now, two months after its release, the miniseries has cracked Netflix’s most popular TV list. As of June 9, Baby Reindeer ranks 10th on Netflix’s Top 10 list of most popular TV shows ever with 84.5 million views, right behind Bridgerton season 2 in 9th with 93.8 million. As a limited series with a 3 hour and 58 minute runtime, Baby Reindeer ranks way behind Bridgerton season 2 (8 hours and 30 minute runtime) in terms of hours viewed, with 335.2 million to 797.2 million.

The list of most popular TV shows is based on views in their first 91 days on Netflix.

Baby Reindeer Is A Rousing Netflix Success Story

What stands out about Baby Reindeer‘s success is how the limited series seemingly came out of nowhere and became a global sensation. The series doesn’t feature any previously well-known stars, and it arrived on the streaming service with minimal marketing or promotion from Netflix. Though the streaming service’s strategy generally creates content that feels disposable or built for second-screening, it’s refreshing to see a Netflix series that is both critically acclaimed and has lasting relevancy in the wider cultural landscape.


Baby Reindeer Ending Explained: Who Has Donny Become?

The ending of the Netflix miniseries Baby Reindeer sees its protagonist Donald “Donny” Dunn come full circle after years of being stalked by Martha.

Baby Reindeer reviews have praised the limited series as a bracing piece of autobiographical fiction that can be challenging to watch, though it offers significant value through its emotional depth and outstanding performances. The series debuted to a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes around the time of its release, though its score has since dropped slightly to 98%. Reactions from audiences have been more mixed, which is expected considering its dark themes, as indicated by its 81% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

In addition to this critical acclaim, the series has also proven to have lasting cultural relevancy. This is largely due to Baby Reindeer‘s true story and the real-life inspiration behind Martha, Fiona Harvey, who did an interview with Piers Morgan and has sued Netflix for defamation, adding to the controversy behind the series. Overall, Baby Reindeer has defied expectations by becoming one of Netflix’s most popular shows ever, solidifying its status as a standout success story in the streaming world.

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Baby Reindeer (2024)-1

Baby Reindeer (2024)

Baby Reindeer is a dark comedy series based on a true story and a stage play of the same name. It centers around Gus, a barista who becomes the focus of an intense and unsettling obsession by one of his customers, Martha. After a seemingly harmless interaction, Martha’s fascination with Gus spirals out of control and begins to wreak havoc on his life.

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