Nigeria rated second highest country in innovation management

Nigeria has been rated the second highest trust globally in innovation management, according to the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer.

Nigeria is one of only four countries where people generally believe innovation is well-managed, alongside Kenya, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. In Nigeria, 35% of people think innovation is well-managed, while 41% are neutral on the issue. Only Saudi Arabia has a higher percentage at 37%.

This was discussed extensively at the virtual meeting of the 2024 Ederman Trust Barometer.

Findings show that Nigerians trust scientists, experts, and academics to manage innovation. Most Nigerians (84%) think scientists should play a key role, but 37% believe scientists struggle to communicate effectively.

Trust in scientists and peers is high, with 83% trusting their peers and 75% trusting scientists to tell the truth about new innovations.

CEOs are expected to manage societal changes, not just business changes, with 68% of Nigerians holding this view.

A majority (77%) prefer collaborations between businesses and government for technology-related changes.

NGOs (75%) and businesses (72%) are the most trusted institutions to integrate innovation into society.

Government is the least trusted to tell the truth about innovation, with 73% of Nigerians believing government leaders mislead people.

Journalists are also seen as deceitful by 69% of Nigerians.

Many Nigerians (59%) think government regulators do not understand emerging technologies well enough to regulate them effectively.

A significant majority (88%) believe that when innovation is mismanaged, the system favors the rich and raises fairness issues.

Nigerians’ trust in innovation management highlights the role of scientists and experts in building public confidence.

Effective communication and transparent research are crucial to maintaining this trust.

The expectation for business leaders to address broader societal impacts indicates a shift towards more responsible innovation practices.

Collaboration between businesses and government is seen as essential for managing technological advancements responsibly.

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