Nigerian woman stripped, beaten mercilessly over alleged adultery

A Nigerian woman identified as Eunice Onyekpe has been stripped and physically assaulted by youths of the Iselegu community in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State over allegations of adultery.

According to activist Harrison Gwamnishu, who shared a clip of the battered woman via Instagram, Onyekpe was beaten, tortured, dehumanised and banished from the community after her husband accused and reported her to the youths for committing alleged adultery.

The mother of four, however, denied the allegation, stating that the youths refused to hear her side of the story before pouncing on her.

Gwamnishu, who condemned the attack, called on the commissioner of women’s affairs in the state to intervene and ensure Onyekpe gets justice for the crime perpetrated against her.

Gwamnishu lamented other cases of women whose families have abandoned, stating that the state Ministry of Women Affairs has been calm and unbothered about these happenings.

Speaking in the video, the activist said, “Some community boys decided to abuse, dehumanise and then banish her from the community. It happened in Delta State. The commissioner for women’s affairs should please take up the case and ensure the woman gets justice.”

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