Nobody will stampede me out of APC, Moghalu declares

A topmost foundation member of the ruling APC, Chief George Moghalu has thrown a big spanner in the works of those he believed were hallucinating about his quitting the party.

Reacting to wild reports making the rounds in the social media lately which he suspects was the handiwork of political merchants, that he was dumping the APC for LP, Moghalu told journalists Sunday afternoon at his Nnewi country home yesterday that quitting APC or politics generally remains his decision to make

According to him, we set up and nurtured this party, and if for any reason I decide to leave, it won’t be a speculation.

“There is a stipulated process and constitutional procedure to be followed
“I will formally notify the party hierarchy right from my Uruagu Nnewi Ward up to the National Headquarters of the party.

“Remember I held a national position in the party for years. I also served the nation in other capacities. I can’t just sneak out or into any party if such idea ever crosses my political mind at all, he stressed.

Chief Moghalu who was the immediate past Director General of the National Inland Waterways also held the position of the National Auditor of the party. A position he held until he stepped aside to take up national appointment in the administration of ex-president Muhammadu Buhari.

When taken up on the source or reason for one to speculate hisj interest in dumping APC for LP, he decline making any guess but insisted he will never make any political move in the shadows.

He remained one of the few very disciplined politicians in Nigeria loyal, consistent and focused who never jumped party.

The party chieftain suspected it was likely that those speculating his departure took the view from the fallout of the 2021 governorship primary election of the party in Anambra State assigned to Gov Sapo Abiodun of Ogun State. Sadly the assignment was reportedly scuttled by some politicians who literally abducted the visiting governor on arrival.

He was then shepherded to and more or less quarantined in a room at the Golden Tulip Hotels Agulu in Anaocha Council of the State.

He remained there until few hours later when he then read out what sounded like a prepared list of allocated figures form the 21 Councils, and 326 Electoral Wards of the State, for the 14 aspirants. That was at a time when primary election officials and materials had not left the state secretariat of the party in Awka to the relevant venues within the communities.

Moghalu and the then Minister of Labour/Employment, Senator Chris Ngige the two most prominent leaders of the party in the state, and other party big wigs and their teeming supporters waited in vain to cast their ballots till the announcement of rhe results started by Abiodun. Senator Andy Uba was announced winner.

This drama left them flabbergasted and consequently opted to seek redress in court. They won at the High Court, Court of Appeal and ultimately at the Supreme Court.

It was therefore shocking that the national leadership of APC had persistently ignored these verdicts till date. Senator Uba has remained underground with a studied silence since then.

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