Notcoin price surges by 16% as Binance finally lists ‘Token’ for trading 

The Native token for Notcoin, the popular Telegram-based clicker game has witnessed a 16% surge in price as Binance finally lists it for trading on its exchange.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and listing of crypto assets by the exchange is often seen as a huge endorsement of the credibility of the crypto assets.  

NOT is currently trading at 0.018 according to CoinMarketCap and the token is listed as one of the top gainers for today.

The NOT token market capitalization also surged to $1.84 billion.  

In terms of Trading volume, NOT experienced a 65% surge reaching $1.26 billion. This is a piece of positive news for the token although It still trades 37% below its all-time high of $0.0289 which it hit in June.  

The effect of Binance  

The 16% price surge for NOT was mainly brought by its successful listing by Binance for trading. Binance has announced the expansion of its trading options for the NOT token with a new NOT to Brazil Real (NOT/BRL) trading pair.

This trading pair creates an opportunity for Brazilian traders to start trading NOT tokens.  

The listing by Binance also serves as a huge endorsement of the legitimacy of the Notcoin project being one of the earliest Telegram-based Web 3 clicker games to be launched.  

The NOT token  

The NOT token is the native cryptocurrency of the Notcoin project and it is a community-centric cryptocurrency that encourages user participation in different project activities.  

NOT tokens are earned when Notcoin participants engage in New Web 3 products and services within the Notcoin ecosystem.

The tokens are also earned when players engage with the Notcoin clicker game hosted on Telegram.  

The NOT coin token earned by users of the platform is heavily dependent on their level within the Notcoin ecosystem. The Higher the level the more Notcoin Token earned.  

The Platinum level is the highest achievable within the Notcoin ecosystem and it offers the greatest number of NOT tokens as rewards.  

In May Notcoin was featured in the list of top 100 cryptocurrencies after it hosted its Token Generation Event which saw the token listed on various top crypto exchanges.  

Notcoin is quite popular amongst Nigerians as it was the first telegram-based project that conducted a successful airdrop which many Nigerians benefited from.  

What To Know  

  • The live price of Notcoin is $ 0.018065 per (NOT / USD) with a current market cap of $1.86B. 24-hour trading volume is $1.26B. 
  • The Notcoin team gifted Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov over 1 billion NOT tokens worth $6.8 million. This is an ode of appreciation to the man behind the massive adoption of Notcoin globally through telegram.  


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