Oil Theft: NSCDC Destroys Illegal Refining Sites In Abia State, Arrests 14 Suspects

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), has dismantled several illegal local refining sites located in a dense forest at Umelechi Ukwa West in Abia State.

The NSCDC national spokesman, CSC Babawale Afolabi, disclosed this on Wednesday.

The operation, carried out by the NSCDC Commandant-General’s special intelligence squad (CG’ SIS), is aimed at combatting crude oil theft and protecting critical national assets and infrastructure.

According to Afolabi, the Deputy Commandant of the CG’s SIS Commander, Appolos Dandaura, while giving details of the operation that resulted in the arrest of 14 suspects linked to the illicit activities, said the arrests were made possible through sustained and credible intelligence that pinpointed the economic saboteurs’ illegal bunkering activities within the thick forest of Umelechi/Obiapu Communities in Ukwa West Local Government Area.

“Our operatives were strategically positioned due to the tenacity of the operation. Large quantities of already siphoned crude oil were loaded inside locally fabricated cooking ovens in readiness for refining into Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) while some had been refined into DPK and AGO both stored in GP Tanks, Cellophane bags and many sacks.

“The Squad also sighted and marked the following as exhibits: Kemade KM8500E2 Power Generating Set, FIRMAN FPG8800E2, ROBIN EY20 Pumping Machine IN4000, 3 New Roll of Hoses, Galvanized metal pipes, Shovels, Head flashlights, Several cellophane bags, 4 Bags of Cement, Hammer, Clothing and Shoes.”

Deputy Commandant Dandaura assured the public of a thorough investigation to ascertain the involvement levels of the suspects.

The suspects were identified as; “Chimaza Okwudilli (M) 35 years, Nwachi Anthony (M) 24 years, Solomon Ikechi (M) 24 years, Cletus Michael (M) 27 years, Kator Mbatsavmpuur (M) 21 years, Emmanuel Abbia (M) 19 years, Benson Vitalis (M) 18 years, Tamarakru Diebeketeme (M) 53 years, Esther Chukwu (F) 25years, Mary Barnabas (F) 45 years, Lydia Newton (F) 46 years, Ngozi Nwagnara (F) 48 years, Ann Agu (F) 33 years and Ahmed Usman (M) 45 years”.

“The 14 suspects would thereafter have their time in Court of competent Jurisdiction; Our determination to wage relentless war against illegal dealings in Petroleum Products remains unwavering as the NSCDC is committed fully to safeguarding all critical infrastructure and prosecution of oil thieves and their sponsors who vowed not to repent from such unscrupulous acts”.

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