Okuama IDP camp bubbles with joy with newborn babies

The internally displaced persons (IDP) camp set up in Ewu town by the Delta State Government for the displaced people of Okuama community has been thrown into a mood of celebration, following the birth of new babies in the camp. (TNG) gathers that the babies were delivered, shortly after the IDP camp opened and started receiving the displaced Okuama people.

Recall that the Delta State Government had set up the Okuama IDP camp in Ewu, Ughelli South local government area of the State to resettle displaced people of the community, pending the rebuilding of the community.

The Nigerian army had raided the community, located in Ughelli South, after a number of military personnel were ambushed and killed in the area. The army laid siege to the community in the aftermath of the killing of 17 military personnel on March 14.

The displaced people of Okuama, who had earlier rebuffed the State Government’s IDP camp, sited at Ewu, finally showed up at the camp.

Deacon Austin Ohwofaria, Commandant of the camp disclosed that 1,640 persons, comprising of 209 children 68 elderly people, have been registered so far.

“In terms of registration, we have 1,640 people here. We welcomed two newborn babies recently and the people were so excited. By implication, we are having 1,642 people here in the camp.

“Unofficially, the camp was opened on the 15th of May. But, there were skirmishes here and there, whether the people were going to come or not. It was last week the people started coming. We started last week.

“We have 209 children here and 68 elderly people. The newborn babies are all female. Just two of them, but we still have a number of pregnant women here in the camp,” Deacon Ohwofaria said.

TNG observed that the camp is mostly made up of women and children. There is playground, where the children were seen playing football. There is also a clinic, a general kitchen and bathrooms, where the people clean up.

Ohwofaria commended the State Government and said the State Governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori has shown commitment to attending to the plight of the people.

“I must commend the Delta State Governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori. The State Government has been so committed to the camp in terms of funding, but as you know, money cannot be enough.

“Governor Oborevwori has saw the camp to this stage but as you know these are people cannot fend for themselves, going by the circumstances of what happened to them.

“The government’s effort is being augmented by a number of NGOs. We are taking records of the NGOs.

“In terms of infrastructure, we have potable water supply. There is free flow of water. We have where the people take their bath. There are toilets. There is a general kitchen meant for all the people.

“There is also a clinic here. But when there is emergency, we move them to the hospital. For instance, one of the women who gave birth is still at the hospital.

“There is cordiality among the people. They know what happened to them and that has brought about an uncommon bond among them. The people are living well.

“The children have been duly registered for schooling. We are camped in a secondary school and flanked by other schools as well. We have profiled the children and they are attending primary and secondary school,” Ohwofaria said.

The camp commandant also disclosed that by the projection of the State Government, the displaced people of Okuama are not expected to stay in the IDP camp longer than a period of six (6) months.

“By that time, I believe the State government must haven taken care of where they came from, that is, in terms of rebuilding Okuama community and all that. So that is the projection,” Ohwofaria.

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