Paschaline Alex shares the last chat she had with Jumoke Aderounmu before her demise, slams her brother (Video)

Nollywood actress Paschaline Alex has recalled the last chat she had with late upcoming actress, Jumoke Aderounmu before her demise.

It is no longer news that the former Jenifa cast died in April and her brother, while dragging Funke Akindele, revealed that his sister had reached out to Paschaline to help reach out to Funke Akindele, unfortunately she didn’t respond.

Telling her side of the story in an interview with Seun Oloketuyi, she recalled how Jumoke had called her complaining about being neglected. According to Paschaline, this wasn’t true as she was always reaching out to Jumoke but she never responded because she has the habit of ghosting people.

Paschaline claimed that Jumoke told her she didn’t look nice and good and she asked her to send her a video of herself, which she didn’t, before her demise. Alex stated that that was the last chat she had with her before she learnt of her demise.

She slammed the late actress’ brother, Adeola for dragging her and Funke as she questioned how she was supposed to reach out to Funke when Jumoke didn’t give her any information about herself or her health.

“The last time we chatted, she called me complaining that I wasn’t checking up on her and Jumoke is this type of person that can blank everyone, you wouldn’t hear from her etc. She told me she didn’t look nice and good and I told her to send me a video of herself, but she didn’t. That was the last chat we had and then I learnt of her death.

I was so angry that her brother mentioned my name and said she told me to tell something to Funke Akindele. The truth is any information anyone gives me about her, I give to her. But this time, there was no information”.

Recall that Adeola had dragged Funke for abandoning his late sister, after she publicly mourned her. Calling her out over her fake love and hypocrisy, he revealed that his sister had put a call through to Funke several times and had reached out to her through her friends but she didn’t turn up for her.

Reacting to his claims, Funke took to her Instagram Live to break down in tears as she noted how she lost her mother, marriage, and politics and was trying to get her life back together. She stated that she saw Jumoke’s brother post that she abandoned the actress, which was untrue, as she never knew Jumoke was sick.

Replying to her, Adeola told her to stop acting on Live video as he claimed that the actress only reached out to him when she died. He questioned how Funke expected him to reply to her when she only remembered his sister after her death.

Many of Funke’s colleagues stood up for her as they recounted her several good deeds. Taking the lead, Bimbo Akisanya recalled how 10 years ago, the late Folake Oshadare, one of Nollywood’s make-up artists had revealed to her how Funke was sending monthly money for her medication as she was a cancer patient.

Her protege, Juliana Olayode recalled how the movie star emptied her account to save her mother’s life as she was battling Fibroid.

Tobi Makinde noted how he wouldn’t be who he is today without her love, training, and tutelage. Speaking from experience, he stated that the movie star has been so kind to him and her love for him is not something he will forget in a hurry.

Actor, Alesh Sanni recalled how years ago when he posted someone who needed a huge amount for medical bills, she reached out and sent the money and told him not to post it. He noted how it wasn’t once or twice, Funke had done this.

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