Popular pharmacist shares ‘important criterion’ singles looking to settle down must Look out in a partner

A pharmacist and mother, Nhyirabea Armooh has described in detail the criterion that single people looking to settle down must look out for, with a prospective partner.

Armooh, in her interview on Home Affairs: ‘What do women want in a man’ on JoyFm, emphasized the crucial role of religious and moral values in partner selection.

She stressed that a person’s intense devotion to God should be the defining factor for singles, as it ensures a stable and supportive relationship, especially in the face of life’s unpredictability.

She said, “With hindsight when I chose my husband, I was very naive. I keep telling my husband, if you had come to propose to me now, you wouldn’t stand a chance. I didn’t know what journey I was on. When I was choosing, I chose my then-then, someone who would accept me as I am, encourage me to be me, and who’d want me to be me. I looked for someone who I could relate to as a friend and someone who’s values aligned with mine.

“But being on the journery, i have come to realized that the biggest deal for me would have been one who is very bais toward God. One who have found God, who knows God, and who, when show comes to push, will always lean towards God’s will, because the journey of Marriage, you cant predict what will happen. So when it comes to crunch, and we need to do something, i will choose one who’d choose God side.”

Discussing the physical attributes a person should possess, Armooh referred to the scripture, 1 Corinthians 13:4–8, which outlines the qualities of love one must possess. She suggested that these qualities should serve as a standard for assessing potential partners, with a score of around 90 for each attribute being ideal.

She said, “I’d choose the Bible verse, Corinthians, which listed all the things love must be, and I will list it and mark you, and the standard should be for every point; you should be hovering somewhere around 90. How kind are you? How long-suffering are you? How do you not condole evil?”

“I will list them, and you have to score about 85 per cent. I will be scoring high myself, I have to give room for people to access,” She added

When asked if she would give the person a chance if he do not score above 85 but is willing to put in the work.

She replied, “No, the journey is long, and one cannot predict what will happen. It is like you are going on a journey and you are not too sure of the vehicle you are going with; it will be too risky.

“The defining thing is the God bias; even if you’re not loving enough, but i can discern that you would want to know what God is saying, and you dont mind doing it, and you do it. I think i will consider that the God-bais thing will negate other things for me.”

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