Post Malone Announces New Album ‘F1-Trillion’ with a Country Twist

Post Malone, a prominent figure in pop culture, is set to make a significant return this summer with the announcement of his new album, F1-Trillion. The versatile artist, known for his crossover appeal in various entertainment realms, revealed the album’s title and release date on Instagram, generating excitement among fans.

The announcement was made through a photo of a Nashville billboard, showcasing the album’s title, F1-Trillion, a playful nod to the F-1 truck. This title continues Post Malone’s tradition of creatively tweaking items or phrases, as seen with previous albums like Beerbongs and Bentleys (2018) and Twelve Karat Toothache (2022). The new album is slated for release on August 16th, hinting that a lead single will be dropping soon.

Post Malone’s recent activities indicate a strong inclination towards country music. The truck imagery on the billboard and the Nashville setting suggest that the artist is further exploring the country genre, a direction he has been heading in recent months. This shift is evidenced by his latest collaboration with Morgan Wallen on the track “I Had Some Help” and the upcoming single “Pour Me A Drink,” set to release on June 21.

Since 2022, Post Malone has consistently released new music each year. The Dallas-born artist’s announcement of his sixth studio album, F1-Trillion, maintains this annual tradition. Despite remaining tight-lipped about the album’s specifics, a press release accompanying “I Had Some Help” described it as Post’s first full-length country album.

Post Malone’s venture into country music has been anticipated for some time. In a November 2023 Twitch stream, he confirmed he was working on a country album, sharing his excitement about the music he recorded in Nashville. “Country album is coming,” he announced. “We made such sick music down in Nashville. It was so much fun.” This enthusiasm was further evident in his collaborations with country artists like Blake Shelton and his guest appearances on albums by Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, the latter featuring on the track “Cowboy Carter.”

In a 2021 interview with iHeart Radio, Post Malone expressed his desire to create a crossover country album that appeals to a broad audience. “I wanted to create something everybody can get down to,” he stated. “People who like country will like it… People who like folk will dig it. Even people who like pop will be into it.” With F1-Trillion, he appears to be realizing this vision, blending his diverse musical influences into a cohesive project.

F1-Trillion is set to release on August 16 via Mercury/Republic, marking a significant milestone in Post Malone’s career as he embraces his passion for country music. Fans eagerly await the new album, anticipating a unique fusion of styles that reflects the artist’s eclectic taste and innovative approach to music.

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