“Rich people did wedding, and moved on; poor men are comparing and complaining” – Debbie Shokoya speaks out

Nollywood actress Debbie Shokoya has weighed into the criticisms and comparison following music star, Davido’s wedding.

Kemi Filani reported on Tuesday, June 25th, that the music sensation shut down the internet and the whole of Nigeria as he tied the knot to the love of his life, Chioma. Following their wedding, many have been criticizing the couple for not living up to their expectations especially Chioma, whose traditional attire didn’t sit with many who believed celebrity stylist, Veekee James would have done better for her.

Reacting to it, Debbie noted how the couple have done their wedding and have move on to the next agenda, which is an expensive honeymoon; yet, pøor men are busy comparing and complaining.

Debbie Shokoya prayed against poverty and stated that social media and data wouldn’t be her achievement in life to give stupīd opinions.

“Rich people do wedding, them don move on to the next agenda (expensive honeymoon).

Pøor man pikin dey there dey compare and complain!!!

Oh Lord, I shall never be pøor and jobless in my life. Social media and data will not be my only achievement in life to give stupīd opinions.

Social media opinions toorh”.

Debbie Shokoya slams those complaining about Davido's wedding

Recall that comedian Dee One had analyzed from the comfort of his home, the sitting arrangement of guests at the wedding. He noted how there were two halls at the venue and one of it was a tent, where influencers were kept, while the main hall contained dignitaries and celebrities. Dee One said he had rather stay home than attend a wedding where he would be segregated from the main event.

Actress Merit Gold had knocked Christians over their hypocrisy as she noted how they celebrated Davido’s wedding even after giving birth to 3 children but will crucify the ones in their congregation who fornicate and want to wed. She stressed that in life, one needs just to have money before they make a mistake.

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