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Rick & Morty Writer's New Show Sets Up The Perfect Showdown With Hazbin Hotel


  • Undervale
    looks to combine an adult animated family comedy with supernatural elements and a hotel setting.
  • The concept and style could make
    compete directly with other popular adult animated series like Rick & Morty.
  • The show’s unique energy and the talent behind it suggest potential success, but it must stand out amid stiff competition like
    Hazbin Hotel

The upcoming animated series Undervale could be a natural competitor in the adult animation space against shows like Hazbin Hotel and Rick & Morty. The world of adult animation has been impressive in recent years, expanding in surprising ways. Animated shows on streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Max have each released their own takes on the genre, with a number of shows that utilize the relative creative freedom of streaming to push the envelope in terms of scope, story, and style.

Undervale is the latest to join that genre, with the animated series fusing a character-driven family comedy right in the middle with a supernatural tone and hotel setting. Coming from the mind of Rick & Morty story-editor and executive produced by Rick & Morty co-creator Dan Harmon, Undervale has the potential to be a welcome addition to the adult animated landscape. However, its premise and style could pit it in direct competition with other current adult animated shows, especially given their shared qualities and elements.


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The Undervale Sounds Like Rick & Morty Meets Hazbin Hotel

The Undervale Has Some Stiff Competition

The Undervale Netflix Animated Comedy 2

The Undervale, the upcoming Netflix animated series, seems like the perfect middle-ground between Rick & Morty and Hazbin Hotel. Created by Matt Roller (who will also serve as the showrunner for the new series), The Undervale focuses on a single mother doing her best to raise her children while also managing a haunted hotel with the ghost of her estranged brother. Roller has previously worked on other adult animated comedy series, such as Archer and Rick & Morty. He is also an executive producer on Krapopolis. This experience hints at the style of comedy Roller will likely bring to the show.

The promotional art for The Undervale that was released along with the announcement suggests the series will have an expansive cast of oddballs stuck together in an extreme circumstance. The focus on the supernatural and their home in a hotel draws clear parallels to the Prime Video musical series Hazbin Hotel. The show also has some similarities to Ghosts, the hit CBS adaptation of the BBC show of the same name that paired ghosts with a group of humans for increasingly wacky hijinx.


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The Undervale Could Coincide With Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Or Rick & Morty Season 8

Matt Roller’s New Show Could Be Going Up Against One Of His Old Ones

The lengthy production times that inherently come with animation suggest that The Undervale will take some time to be released. As of this writing, there’s no confirmed release date for the show. This means it could end up coming to Netflix at the same time as its closest animated peers. Rick & Morty is currently approaching season 8, with the award-winning Adult Swim series set to expand into exciting new directions after the major plot twists of season 7. It will also likely coincide with the release of Hazbin Hotel season 2, which will expand on Charlie’s attempts to redeem the denizens of hell.

Ideally, The Undervale will have enough unique energy to stand out from its competitors. Netflix has proven a fruitful place for adult animation, but also one where success can be hard to sustain. Shows like Tuca & Bertie, Agent Elvis and Inside Job were fun and colorful takes on classic concepts that only lasted a season or two on the streamer. By contrast, if The Undervale can establish a niche for itself, it could replicate the long-running success of something like Big Mouth, which is currently approaching its eighth and final season. The Undervale has the behind-the-scenes talent to succeed, but it’ll need to find a way to stand out against it’s worthy competition like Hazbin Hotel.

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