Rivers Govt Describes Okocha’s Call For Emergency Rule As ‘Bobo Juice’

The Rivers State Government has firmly dismissed recent calls by the Caretaker Committee Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers, Tony Okocha, for the implementation of emergency rule in the state.

The state’s Commissioner for Information and Communications, Joseph Johnson, characterized Okocha’s demands as “Bobo juice,” implying that they were frivolous and unworthy of serious consideration.

During a press briefing, Commissioner Johnson expressed that Tony Okocha’s statements were merely “ranting” and did not merit a response.

He accused Okocha of being notorious for spreading misinformation and engaging in scaremongering tactics that lack credibility.

“Nobody would take such a character serious in the state,” Johnson added, reflecting the government’s dismissal of Okocha’s influence and assertions.

The commissioner also referenced a past incident where Okocha had caused a public stir by claiming an outbreak of cholera in the state.

Following these claims, a team of medical experts was dispatched to investigate, only to find that the allegations were false.

He said: “On Tony Okocha I don’t think that what Okocha said is worth giving any attention. We should not break our heads over what Tony Okocha said.

“The other time he said there was a cholera outbreak when the medical personnel visited the place they said there is nothing like that.

“Another day he (Okocha) said he was welcoming members of the House of Assembly who defeated the APC. What is the position today?

“He also said that he was going to ask the members of the House of Assembly to commence impeachment of the governor, what is the position today?

“All these talks are what we call Bobo juice, He is talking to himself, he is not talking to anybody and he is not talking to Rivers people.”

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