Salako urges Nigerians to be vigilant, imbibe good sanitation

The Federal Ministry of Environment has urged all Nigerians to be more vigilant, imbibe good sanitation, hygiene practices at home and in their workplace.

The Ministers of State, Dr. Iziaq Adekunle Salako, made this known to journalist, during weekend in Abuja.

He said that keeping the environment clean always and disposing of waste properly at designated places.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), has confirmed the global resurgence of cases of cholera classifying the current outbreak a “grade 3 public health emergency”, requiring maximal WHO system wide response. Nigeria is one of the 14 countries in Africa where the resurgence is being experienced.

Dr Salako noted that ensuring the use of clean and safe water. Water from suspicious sources should be well boiled or treated by adding one part of chlorine solution to 100 parts of water.

“Avoid locally prepared drinks like kunu, sobo, fura da nono, koko, fruit juice etc except it is certain that the preparation was done in an hygienic and safe manner.

The minister emphasise the washing of hands regularly with soap under running water, especially at moments such as after using the toilet, after cleaning a child who has gone to the toilet, before preparing food, before and after eating, and after playing with animals.

“Avoid open defecation, use clean and safe toilets, cook foodstuff well, keeping food covered and eating it hot. Eating in public places including at parties should be done with utmost care.

Dr. Salako caution Nigerians to wash fruits and vegetables with clean and safe water before eating.

“We urge all Commissioners of Environment and Local Government Chairmen to support Environmental Health Officers across the country to step up their sanitation and hygiene activities through enhanced community-led total sanitation in order to break further transmission and spread of the disease,” he stressed.

Dr Salako explained that the scale-up of awareness campaigns is focusing especially on places where prepared food and drinks are sold like markets, garages, schools, restaurants, stadia, religious, and sporting events.

He further assured the general public that the Federal Ministry of Environment remains committed to ensuring a clean and healthy environment for all Nigerians and this is the only way we can prevent and curtail the incidence of Cholera outbreaks and other sanitation related diseases.

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