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Shoresy Season 3 Stars Reveal Which Letterkenny Characters They Want To Crossover Into Spinoff


  • The
    cast discusses which
    character crossovers they’d like to see in the upcoming spinoff show.
  • Tasya Teles would prefer to see Nat in Letterkenny, though Keilani Elizabeth Rose wants to see Kaniehtiio’s Tanis, and both Blair Lamora and Ryan McDonnell wanting to see Reilly and Jonesy.
  • Shoresy
    has seen Jared Keeso and Kim Cloutier crossover from
    , with the potential for more familiar faces in future seasons.

As the show continues to forge its own identity away from the mainline show, the Shoresy cast reveal which Letterkenny characters they’d like to see crossover in the spinoff. The Hulu comedy serves as an expansion of the acclaimed Canadian comedy, following the titular foul-mouthed hockey player as he joins up with the Sudbury Bulldogs, turning them around from a 20-straight-game losing streak to potential championship winners. Much like its predecessor, Shoresy has proven to be a hit for Hulu, garnering generally positive reviews and strong ratings for the streamer.

In honor of the show’s return, Screen Rant interviewed stars Tasya Teles, Keilani Elizabeth Rose, Blair Lamora and Ryan McDonell to discuss Shoresy season 3. When asked which Letterkenny characters they would like to see crossover into the spinoff show, the group generally pointed to Jonesy and Reilly as the more likely candidates to make an appearance, though have a few other hopes as well. Check out what they shared below:

Tasya Teles: Oh, that’s a really good question. I feel like it’d be really interesting to see Nat in Letterkenny in general, and just see how she moves in that space. When we first started filming Shoresy, I started building a character that was a little bit more grassroots, a little bit more living in the Letterkenny world. When I spoke to Ginger Martini, our head of costumes, she was like, “Oh, no, Nat’s a big city girl compared to the Letterkenny crowd, she’s a big city. This is Sudbury, my friend.” And I was like, “Oh, okay. It’s totally different aesthetics.” So, I think it’d be interesting if the hockey team went to Letterkenny to play a game, and just to see how she would play in that space, in general, would be really funny.

Keilani Elizabeth Rose: I feel like for me, it would be Tiio [Horn, who plays Tanis]. Tiio for sure. Just because she blows my mind with her comedy, and I feel like it would be so fun.

Tasya Teles: I was gonna say Tiio too. [Chuckles]

Blair Lamora: I think it would kind of be funny to see Jonesy and Riley come back. I think just the banter between them and Shoresy right off the bat would be hilarious, and to see how the team is integrated, and all the shots and chirps that everybody would put on each other, I think would be interesting. They’d be my pick, personally.

Ryan McDonnell: Yeah, there were so many theories that I was playing around with that I won’t even put out there, but there were a lot of things that I was like, “I wonder if this might happen.” The worlds are pretty separate right now, but who knows, right? There’s some family stuff that I wonder about. I’ll just leave it at that. Like, there’s some Shoresy family stuff that I’ve always wondered. I literally, swear to God, don’t know a thing, but I always was trying to connect the two, and I think other fans have too, but Jonesy and Riley — I mean, Andrew and Dylan are two good friends of mine, and I love those boys. That’s kind of the obvious one, because hockey, but yeah, I don’t know. It’s a tough call. Maybe some family.

Which Other Letterkenny Characters Could Cross Over Into Shoresy?

Across the first two seasons of the show, the Shoresy cast has only seen a few faces from the Letterkenny cast make appearances, namely that of creator/writer Jared Keeso in the titular role, which he originated in the mainline show along with playing Wayne. Kim Cloutier’s Anik Archambault also found her way to crossing over into the spinoff show from its debut season, with Bro Dude being a key sponsor in the Sudbury hockey world and her being a co-host on a sportscasting show for the region.

Though no other familiar characters have popped up in Shoresy thus far, the show has also seen the returns of Letterkenny co-developer/director Jacob Tierney, now playing hockey announcer, Benoit “Benny” Brodeur, and Jonathan Torrens, who played Noah Dyck in the mainline show, as fellow announcer Rémy Nadeau. With Tierney and Keeso clearly open to bringing back prior collaborators in new roles, this could be the perfect opportunity for other Letterkenny stars. Moreover, it could allow the returning actors a chance to showcase new sides of their acting talents.


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The hilarious Letterkenny spinoff show, Shoresy, will be returning for a third season and there are some burning questions that need to be answered.

Given Shoresy primarily focuses on the hockey world, Lamora and Teles’ pitches for Dylan Playfair’s Reilly and Andrew Herr’s Jonesy to return may be the more easily explainable of Letterkenny character returns for the spinoff. However, with the show also promoting a powerful forward representation of Canada’s Indigenous community, bringing back Kaniehtiio Horn’s Tanis could be just as feasible of a fan-favorite character’s return as the hockey players. With Hulu having signed a deal with Keeso to develop further Letterkenny installments, there could be other paths for original characters to return to the franchise.


season 3 is now streaming on Hulu and Disney+.

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