“Show us proof” – Comedian Dee One shades Davido about the price of Chioma’s engagement ring (video)

On today’s episode of eagle-eyes netizens, we have BBNaija’s Dee One with an analysis of Davido’s fiancé Chioma’s engagement ring.

Dee One took his time to analyze the video where Davido said the ring could be used to buy two to three Rolls Royce cars.

He claimed that there’s no way the ring could be worth that much because in the video, the Rolls Royce Davido was cruising in was being guarded by a lot of people. Aligning it with the ring, Dee One insinuated that Chioma should’ve had more bodyguards.

Dee One went on to goad Davido, stating that he should show proof that the ring cost that much, or he should even share a link to a similar ring so that people can know the real price.

He also stated that Nigerians shouldn’t be deceived, because lots of celebrities inflate prices of things that they buy.

Going forward, Dee One said that even though Davido has money, it doesn’t mean he can afford a ring that is worth two to three Rolls Royce cars.

The days leading to Davido’s wedding have been full of positive messages from his fans and friends alike, and it is clear that there’s a lot of anticipation in the air. This BBNaija alum, alongside journalist Kemi Olunloyo are the two prominent figures who have had anything but flowery words to share about Davido’s wedding.

Dee One has always been on the analytical side of things that often doesn’t resonate with public views.

Not too long ago, he sent a public message to actress Genevieve Nnaji, advising her not to believe Nigerians when they tell her that she doesn’t look her age.

He claimed that a woman’s real age is known through the appearance of her hands. In order to prove that she actually looks younger than her age, Genevieve Nnaji should show everyone her hands and feet.

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