Sokoto governor dragged for naming major road after Seyi Tinubu

Sokoto State Governor Ahmad Aliyu has come under heavy criticisms for naming a road in the state after President Bola Tinubu’s son, Seyi Tinubu.

The commissioning of the road formerly called Pepsi Road was supposed to be held over the weekend by Katsina State Governor Umaru Radda but was postponed.

However, a photo of the renamed road, “Seyi Ahmed Bola Tinubu Road,” went viral on social media on Saturday.

Reacting to the post, some netizens have criticized the governor for the move.

Morgan wrote: “Even Lagos didn’t name a road after Seyi Tinubu, but Sokoto governor must impress Tinubu.”

Hosan wrote: “The jaaz BAT take hold northern politicians strong ooo.before it was politicians worshipping northeners for political relevance,but BAT have changed all that and the north are fighting over themselves seeking for more relevance.”

Ferragamo Hussein. wrote: Wallah sokoto people are left far behind in the wheel of life. Mugayen yan qauye neh wallahi they deserve this governor bro.”

SADIQ wrote: “You named a road or a public space before people that contributed positively to the society not after someone who have contributed nothing to the societal development, This Sokoto Governor na wow for you ooo.”

@ArewaTwiter wrote: “Sokoto state Governor, named low budget road after Seyi Tinubu.”

Savn Daniel wrote: “Other Governors should learn from him. They should name a major Highway in Taraba, Bauchi, Kaduna and Sambisa after every family member of  @officialABAT. This is highly commendable. Do you know the number of jobs this will create? State governors, through the House of Assembly of various states, should make a law: every citizen of this country born after June 2024 should be named after a family member of @officialABAT .Now, I can proudly say I am a Nigerian.”

Though Seyi holds no official position in his father’s administration, he sometimes joins his entourage on foreign trips.

The date of the commissioning had not been announced as of press time.

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