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Soulm8te: Release Date, Story & Everything We Know About The M3GAN Spinoff

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  • Soulm8te, a spinoff of M3GAN, continues the tech-horror trend.
  • Blumhouse teams up with Kate Dolan for Soulm8te, set to release in 2026.
  • Soulm8te is a domestic thriller involving AI technology.

Spinning off from the horror film M3GAN, a brand new technological terror is in the works entitled Soulm8te, and there are already exciting details including a release date. 2022’s M3GAN brought the fear of modern technology to the forefront as it told the story of an AI-powered doll that was developed to help children cope with the loneliness and loss. Naturally, the titular doll goes haywire and uses circular logic to justify destroying anyone and anything that gets between her and her primary objective. M3GAN‘s unique brand of tech-hysteria is incredibly prescient, and Soulm8te will continue that trend.

It didn’t take long for M3GAN 2.0 to get a green light, and the franchise is already expanding further with the new spinoff. Soulm8te is a natural continuation of the ideas explored in M3GAN, but will instead focus on the loneliness of adulthood as opposed to the innocence seen in its predecessor. This quick expansion into a bona fide cinematic universe is helping Blumhouse stay ahead of the curve, especially as new technological advancements open the door for more and more frightening opportunities at the movies. With a release date already stamped, Soulm8te is well on its way.


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Soulm8te Is Confirmed

Blumhouse Announced The Spinoff In June 2024

M3GAN looks up blankly in M3GAN

Confident in its rapidly expanding M3GAN franchise, Blumhouse announced the development of a spinoff entitled Soulm8te in June 2024. Continuing the ideas explored in the aforementioned killer doll hit, Soulm8te will be directed by Kate Dolan who recently helmed the folk horror film You Are Not My Mother in 2021. Like its predecessor, Blumhouse is involved with the spinoff, as is legendary horror maven James Wan through his Atomic Monster production company.

Wan released an official statement about the upcoming spinoff, saying:

Soulm8te is a thrilling and seductive addition to the M3GAN universe. We’re excited to partner with Kate [Dolan] to bring this story to life with her unique cinematic vision and point of view.

At this juncture, no casting decisions have been announced yet, but the movie has already earned a release date slot. While it won’t be coming for quite some time, the M3GAN spinoff is currently expected to premiere on January 2, 2026. This will come less than a year after the debut of M3GAN 2.0 which is landing on June 27, 2025.

Soulm8te Release Date

The Technological Terror Arrives In 2026

With such a distant release date, it’s possible that the premiere could be changed to facilitate production delays, or to avoid competition at the box office.

Playing the long game, Blumhouse has already announced the release date for the upcoming M3GAN spinoff, Soulm8te, but it will be quite some time before that date actually arrives. Having announced the movie in June 2024, Blumhouse has revealed that Soulm8te won’t hit theaters until January 2, 2026. With such a distant release date, it’s possible that the premiere could be changed to facilitate production delays, or to avoid competition at the box office.

is available to stream on Peacock.

Who Is Making Soulm8te?

A Horror All-Star Team Is Behind The Project

A composite image of James Wan and the Saw movie traps
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Though many details about the film remain elusive, there is a veritable all-star team of horror working behind the scenes on Soulm8te. First and foremost, the film is being produced by the hit horror movie factory Blumhouse, and is being co-produced by James Wan through his Atomic Monster label. Blumhouse oversaw the production of 2022’s M3GAN and has delivered a slew of hit films over the past decade and a half. Wan is no light-weight himself, having created the Saw, Insidious, and Conjuring franchises.

The movie is being directed by relative newcomer Kate Dolan who first turned heads with her 2017 horror short film Catcalls. However, Dolan’s first feature, 2021’s You Are Not My Mother, gained her the most attention and she brought new life into the folk horror genre. Dolan also rewrote the script, which was originally penned by Rafael Jordan from a story by Wan and Ingrid Bisu.

Soulm8te Story Details

A Love Letter To The Domestic Thrillers Of The Past

Amie Donald as M3GAN dressed in a long elegant coat standing in the forest admiring the piece of ear she's just ripped from the head of a young child

With many aspects of the spinoff still being kept under wraps, only the bare basics of the story of Soulm8te have been announced. In the film, a man will turn to technology to help cope with the loss of his wife by acquiring an AI-powered android. As with M3GAN, his robotic girlfriend will quickly turn into a dangerous threat, though the element of erotic thrillers is a welcome change of pace from the aforementioned predecessor.

The film has been described as a call-back to the domestic thrillers of previous decades, and it will likely use movies like Single White Female and Fatal Attraction as a compass. However, it clearly aims to add a touch of modern flare to the classic relationship-gone-bad formula by tapping into fears about the rising encroachment of technology into day to day life. Soulm8te will undoubtedly keep the audience on the edge of their seats while offering a stark warning about the dehumanizing effect of technology.

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