Stable Ronaldo Faces Fourth Twitch Ban Amid Controversial Livestream Incident

Popular Fortnite streamer Rani “Stable Ronaldo,” affiliated with FaZe Clan, has been banned from Twitch for the fourth time as of June 27, 2024. This latest suspension was confirmed by @StreamerBans on X, marking the streamer’s second ban this year following a previous suspension on March 15, 2024.

The 21-year-old content creator took to X to express his feelings about the ban. In his post, Ronaldo expressed his love for streaming and his community, while also apologizing for his recent actions. He seemed at a loss for how to proceed after his fourth ban, writing:

“I love streaming, And I love my community. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do, this is my fourth ban. Praying for the best.”

The ban followed a viral 14-second clip from Stable Ronaldo’s IRL livestream. The video showed Ronaldo driving recklessly in his 2025 BMW M4 Competition. The footage captured him speeding and eventually colliding with the sidewalk, causing the sports car to lift off the ground momentarily.

While this incident has not been officially cited as the reason for his fourth ban, it has sparked widespread speculation. The exact cause of the suspension remains unclear, and Twitch has yet to provide an official statement.

Stable Ronaldo’s previous ban in March 2024 was lifted on March 18, 2024, after a three-day suspension. During a livestream on the same day, Ronaldo revealed the reason behind his suspension was related to questionable behavior involving a stuffed animal. He explained:

“It’s been f**king two days, bro. I was supposed to get… okay, so the ban – listen, listen, listen, on god. Listen, the ban was supposed to be way longer. But we managed to get it down. Thank you to Twitch for understanding it was a mistake.”

He further clarified:

“For anyone that doesn’t know – it was because I f**ked the stuffed animal dog. So, that’s the end of doing that. I would like to thank Twitch for unbanning me.”

Stable Ronaldo’s repeated bans highlight the ongoing challenges faced by content creators in maintaining platform guidelines while engaging their audiences. Each suspension serves as a reminder of the consequences of crossing boundaries set by streaming platforms.

Ronaldo’s latest ban raises questions about his future on Twitch and whether he can adapt his content to avoid further suspensions. As a prominent figure in the streaming community, his actions and their repercussions will likely continue to be closely monitored by fans and the platform alike.

As the situation develops, viewers and supporters of Stable Ronaldo will be watching to see how he navigates this latest setback. Whether he can learn from these experiences and make the necessary changes to his streaming approach remains to be seen.

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