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Star Trek: Enterprises Time Traveler Daniels & Discovery Reveal Explained

WARNING: Contains SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery‘s finale, “Life, Itself”.


  • Discovery’s finale revealed Dr. Kovich was an older version of Crewman Daniels, linking the show to Enterprise.
  • Kovich’s true identity as Daniels reaffirms strong links between Discovery and Enterprise.
  • The reveal opens up the possibility of future appearances by David Cronenberg in the Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek: Discovery‘s finale revealed that the enigmatic Dr. Kovich (David Cronenberg) was an older version of Crewman Daniels (Matt Winston), so who was Star Trek: Enterprise‘s time traveler? Since the USS Discovery arrived in the 32nd century, they’ve occasionally come under Dr. Kovich’s jurisdiction, most notably during season 5’s hunt for the Progenitors’ technology. Kovich has always been an enigmatic figure, leading many to question the Federation scientist’s motivations in Star Trek: Discovery seasons 3 to 5. As a reward for successfully completing her Red Directive mission, Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) got to learn Kovich’s true identity.

By revealing that Kovich was actually the Star Trek: Enterprise character, Daniels, the ending of Star Trek: Discovery‘s finale brought the show full circle in one key way. Discovery season 1 was set between the end of Enterprise and the start of Star Trek: The Original Series, meaning that it could only refer to the adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) and the Enterprise NX-01. For example, Discovery‘s Mirror Universe arc heavily referenced Enterprise‘s two-parter “Through a Mirror, Darkly”, involving the original USS Defiant. By revealing that Kovich was actually Enterprise‘s Temporal Agent Daniels, Discovery reaffirms its strong links to the Scott Bakula show.


Star Trek: Discovery’s David Cronenberg & Doctor Kovich Explained

Cult director and Star Trek fan David Cronenberg played the enigmatic Dr. Kovich in Discovery seasons 3 to 5, and now we finally know who he is.

Star Trek: Enterprise’s Daniels & Temporal Wars Explained

Daniels first appeared in Star Trek: Enterprise season 1, episode 11, “Cold Front”, in which he was revealed to be a Temporal Agent from the far future. Daniels had infiltrated the Enterprise NX-01 prior to the leader of the Suliban Cabal, Silik (John Fleck) coming aboard. The Suliban Cabal were in the employ of one of the main powers in the Temporal Wars that started in the 29th century and rippled back through history. By capturing Silik, Daniels had hoped to reduce the Cabal’s influence, but he was killed in the course of his mission.

Star Trek: Discovery
, Kovich refers to himself as “Agent Daniels, USS Enterprise”, but Archer’s Enterprise wasn’t officially redesignated that until
Star Trek: Picard
season 3.

When Daniels returned in Star Trek: Enterprise‘s season 1 finale, he told Archer that he had died “in a manner of speaking” which suggests the Temporal Agent retained knowledge of aborted timelines. This would also explain Kovich’s reference to living “many lives” in Star Trek: Discovery‘s finale. As the Enterprise NX-01 was a vitally important starship in the history of Starfleet and the Federation, it was a prime target for Temporal Wars powers who wanted to rewrite history without the Federation in it. Therefore, Daniels and Archer regularly worked together, ensuring that the course of history ran its correct course.

Known Powers Involved In Star Trek’s Temporal Wars

The United Federation of Planets

Benefactor of the Suliban Cabal

The Sphere Builders


Krenim Imperium

What Doctor Kovich’s Reveal As Daniels Means For Star Trek


There are some interesting ramifications for the wider franchise created by the revelations about Doctor Kovich in Star Trek: Discovery‘s finale. Kovich always had an impressive amount of knowledge about the Temporal Wars and its damaging effects on the barriers between the alternate Star Trek timelines. Now that audiences know he’s an older Agent Daniels, they know he’s seen these effects first-hand, and is not merely repeating the archival information in the Federation databanks. More widely, however, Discovery‘s Star Trek: Enterprise twist creates the possibility of future appearances by David Cronenberg.

While time travel was apparently banned by the Federation in the 32nd century, Dr. Kovich has proved time and again that he answers to a higher power. It wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility, therefore, for Kovich to instigate a Red Directive mission that sees him enlist the services of Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. After all, SNW season 2, episode 3, “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” revealed that Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Temporal Wars are still ongoing. Therefore, Star Trek: Discovery‘s reveal that Daniels is still in active service could now reignite the conflict elsewhere in the franchise.

All episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Enterprise are streaming now on Paramount+.

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