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"Stay Tuned…": Chicago Fire Showrunner Teases New Reveals About Kidd's Family


  • Kidd’s family history will be explored in
    Chicago Fire
    season 13, adding depth to her character beyond the firehouse.
  • Severide’s desire to have children may be impacted by Kidd’s past, shedding light on her skepticism about starting a family.
  • Personal and family issues will add complexity to Firehouse 51’s dynamics in season 13.

Stella Kidd’s family history might be explored in Chicago Fire season 13, showrunner Andrea Newman teases. Despite not being part of the original One Chicago ensemble, Miranda Mayo’s character has become an integral part of Firehouse 51 and is now one of the battalion’s leaders. Chicago Fire season 12 subjected the team to so many changes, including the departure of Chief Boden, but work continues for Kidd and the rest of her crew. Beyond her professional responsibilities, however, the character’s personal life will have some screentime when Chicago Fire season 13 returns this fall.

In a new interview with TVLine, Newman answers a question about Kidd’s lineage, reminding fans that it was revealed in “season 5 that her parents died when she was young, and she was raised by her aunt and uncle.” That doesn’t mean, however, that Chicago Fire will not look further into her history. Newman adds thatthere is definitely more in her family story to be revealed. Stay tuned…” Unfortunately, she doesn’t give any additional clues as to what this narrative may be about.

How Kidd’s Family History Impacts Her Future With Severide In Chicago Fire

Severide Brought Up The Idea Of Children In The Chicago Fire Season 12 Finale

Kidd and Kelly Severide’s marriage hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. Since tying the knot in the Chicago Fire season 10 finale, they have been plagued with one crisis after another — ranging from near-death experiences to disappearances, mostly on Severide’s end. In the Chicago Fire season 11 finale, Kidd had to miss some shifts to bring home her husband, who went AWOL after going out of town for an OFI training camp. Considering all these, one cannot fault Kidd for not being exactly excited when Severide randomly brought up the idea of starting a family in the season 12 finale.

Given the death of her parents early on,
Chicago Fire
season 13 may reveal more details that would convince her husband not to push her into getting pregnant.

Beyond that, however, exploring Kidd’s life before joining Firehouse 51 can be an eye-opener for Severide regarding her skepticism about having kids. When she was introduced, her past dealing with an abusive husband was already an indication that things had been rough for her. Given the death of her parents early on, Chicago Fire season 13 may reveal more details that would convince her husband not to push her into getting pregnant. This doesn’t mean that they will never have kids; the couple just needs to have a better plan if they decide to move forward with it.



It’s Time For Severide & Kidd To End: Why Chicago Fire Season 12 Changed My Mind On Their Future

Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd are One Chicago’s main couple, but Chicago Fire season 12 makes it clear that they need to finally separate.

Perhaps Severide learning about Jack Damon being Benny Severide’s son can keep him occupied so that he backs away from his sudden eagerness to start a family. As Kidd potentially deals with her own family issues, her husband can too, especially since his half-brother is now working with them. All of these personal issues will be on top of the team’s transition as Chief Boden exits Firehouse 51 in Chicago Fire season 13.

Source: TVLine

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