Streamer Stable Ronaldo Accuses FaZe Rain of Faking Wheelchair Use to Garner Sympathy and Wealth

Twitch streamer Rani “Stable Ronaldo” has stirred controversy by alleging that FaZe Rain, also known as Nordan Shat, feigned his wheelchair-bound status for years, amassing substantial sympathy and financial gain. According to Ronaldo, FaZe Rain’s claims about his disability, which stemmed from drug addiction, were a fabrication intended to deceive fans.

For background, FaZe Rain, a prominent member of the FaZe Clan, announced in 2020 that his drug addiction had led to severe damage, rendering him unable to walk. This revelation drew a significant outpouring of support from his fanbase. However, in February 2023, Nordan announced that his condition, described as chemical neuropathy, had healed, and he was regaining the use of his legs.

During a recent IRL stream with Lacy, Stable Ronaldo made the bold move to “expose” Nordan. He alleged that FaZe Rain admitted to him privately about faking the severity of his condition to exploit his followers:
“Should I expose Rain? Yo Rain, why don’t we talk about how you faked being in a wheelchair for four years for sympathy? When I came over to your house a year ago you told me, ‘I hit a lick on all of my fans after four years of faking a wheelchair.’ And you made $1.8 million after taxes.”

Ronaldo’s statements have cast a shadow of doubt on FaZe Rain’s previous claims. Rain, known for his video game montages and streams, has been a central figure in the FaZe Clan, contributing significantly to its early success. His departure from the group earlier this year followed a major reorganization under the new CEO, FaZe Banks.

The saga of FaZe Rain’s supposed disability began in 2020, when he disclosed that excessive drug use had led to him losing the use of his legs. His announcement was met with widespread sympathy and support from fans who admired his resolve to overcome addiction. In March 2021, he further detailed his struggles in a YouTube video, stating he had been using a wheelchair for seven months.

Until Stable Ronaldo’s recent allegations, no other FaZe Clan members had questioned the authenticity of FaZe Rain’s condition. The current claims bring a new perspective to Rain’s journey and raise questions about the integrity of his narrative.

As this story unfolds, it underscores the complexities of online personas and the potential for misinformation. FaZe Rain’s response to these serious allegations will be crucial in determining the next chapter of this unfolding drama. Fans and the broader gaming community await further developments with keen interest.

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